Techniquest After Hours

Hi all!

Me and M have been indulging in our sciency sides recently, were super geeks st heart and love learning new things.

We recently went to Techniquest After Hours and had such a great evening! For those of you that don’t know, Techniquest is a science museum in Cardiff mainly for children. I say mainly, because even at the old age of 27 I still love it, and my parents used to love taking me too. 

If you haven’t been and you have children I fully recommend it as its a great trip, the place is full of fun science experiments that make learning fun!



One of my favourites has always been the one above, being able to ALMOST tough lightning is super cool, it follows your hand around too.

They also had lots of liquid nitrogen to play around with that swirled everywhere!


There really are so many different things to see and do, so I won’t explain any more I’ll just show you the pictures!








This time there was also a theme of ‘The Quest’, much like the Cube on TV. It involved taking part in  a number of challenges around the building and we had so much fun doing them. There was a maze with crazy glasses to distort your vision, guessing how many squares flashed up on a screen, and throwing a cube into a box without being able to see. It was lots of fun and we didn’t even manage to finish them all!


It’s a great evening and you can even buy alcoholic drinks on site for the evening! We indulged in  a cider or two and there was also snacks and vodka slushes available too.

The next one is on the 29th of October….I assume the theme will be Halloween related but you never know!

One thing we would recommend is to turn up early around 6, the tickets are first come first served and the queue was HUGE by the time the doors opened at 6.30 – I don’t fancy hanging around outside in the cold through a queue that big ever!

What do you think of Techniquest? Have you been before, now or when you were younger?

We would definitely recommend it for £3, and anyone who has even the slightest interest in science!

L xxx

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