Lush Needles and Pine Shower Jelly

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Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, me and M went to our friend’s beautiful baby’s christening this weekend and also indulged at the Celtic Manor’s Festive Afternoon Tea – post coming very soon!

Today’s post is from a shopping trip a few weeks ago to Lush – I picked up quite a few goodies and have been working my way through them. I was sold on Needles and Pine Shower Jelly as soon as I heard it was inspired by Game of Thrones!

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Needles and Pine smells of Finnish woodlands and pine trees, courtesy of the Pine Needles and Cypress Leaf Infusion. The smell is so calming and refreshing, it’s just like showering outside amongst a forest full of Christmas trees. If you’ve ever seen the Hunger Games and remember the window that Katniss chooses in the Capitol to look out of during the first film, that’s exactly the image you get in your mind.

It also contains Cedarwood Oil and Grapefruit Oil to tone and uplift, it’s generally a very refreshing experience!

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 A tip that a lot of Lush employees suggested was to freeze the shower jelly, I haven’t tried this yet as it has been so cold but I can imagine in the summer this would be a lovely way to start the day or cool down after a day of sunbathing.
It is a bit of a weird item to use though, a ball of jelly that really is squishy and slippery – I’ve ended up chasing it around my bath and shower quite a few times! It’s just like being a kid again with novelty bath items but this one smells much more grown up and why shouldn’t you make showering more fun?!

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They have a few different Shower Jellies in store including Refresher and 93,000 Miles from their standard range. They also have a special Christmas edition of Santa’s Belly, a wonderfully red and glittery shower jelly, and also Snowman which as you can guess is white and shaped like a Snowman. They’re pretty good and won’t be available for long so snap them up!

The standard range is £3.75 and the festive range is £3.95 each.

Have you tried the Shower Jellies? Will you be picking up one of the festive range?

There are still so many things I want to try from Lush and their seasonal ranges are so good!

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