Lush Cranberry Fresh Face Mask

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L and I love a good face mask especially the Lush one’s. When we went to Lush a few weeks back to see the new Christmas collection (you can see that post here) we couldn’t resist getting some new face masks. As we were meeting up a week later to go to a friend’s christening we decided to go for a double face masks session so we could try out each other’s purchases.

Cranberry is a Christmas edition so you should definitely snap this one up quickly. Cranberry is a great one full of antioxidants and fenel to cleanse the skin and argan oil and rose clay leaves helps to leave the skin soft, smooth and matte.



It has a thick texture meaning it’s easy to smooth onto the skin, it also has a slight grainy texture so gives a slight exfoliation when it’s removed. It dries comfortably on the skin and does flake off too badly as you’re relaxing waiting for it to work it’s magic. After using L’s I’ll definitely be grabbing another one before it goes.

Love M




Good morning!

This face mask is well worth picking up for the limited time it is available, if it’s only for the smell!! It just smells so perfectly fruity and addictive.

My favourite feature of this face mask was the slight exfoliation properties, which clearly help with the ‘smooth skin’ that the mask promises. I can’t find anything not to like about this, its’s super refreshing and everyone should pick up a pot!

I always look forward to trying out the new masks from Lush, I hope that they bring out another in the new year very soon!

L xxx

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