Lush – Five Gold Rings Bubble Bars

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Christmas is getting SO close now and I cannot wait for the festivities to start. One of my favourite things is pampering over the Christmas period, not only is it great timing for the party season but also when your skin needs a little extra help in the colder months.

A bath is a great way to start – 5 Gold Rings from Lush is the perfect product.


It’s quite simple really, there are five super sparkly golden rings on a string that mean you can have 5 super sparkly bath times! 5 baths for the price of one is great value for money in my opinion.

All you need to do is crumble one of the bars under running water for a bubbly bath filled with Fair Trade sweet vanilla and the obvious super sparkly gold glitter that takes over your bathroom!


Each ring is infused with skin softening illipe butter and moringa oil to uplift, it also contains a product called benzoin resinoid which I have to say I’ve never heard of before.

Lush has a wonderfully helpful website though and clicking on it gives me this description:

‘We use benzoin resinoid (Styrax benzoin) to deeply cleanse and soothe skin, add shine to hair, to ease muscles, and to give skin a sweet, lingering vanilla and balsamic aroma.’ 

Well you learn something every day don’t you??

This is what the bubble bar looks like when you crumble it under the water…



It’s lovely and yellow gold and a happy uplifting colour. My skin also felt amazing as soon as I’d finished the bath and felt so much smoother and hydrated.

Although you do need to watch out for getting the glitter EVERYWHERE!



5 Gold Rings comes in at £4.95, so that’s only £1 a bath – well worth the money!

What do you think of this bubble bar? Will you be snapping them up?

L xxx

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  1. Saz
    December 22, 2015 / 9:14 pm

    Oooh, I do love a glittery bath! I haven't tried this one before, so I must pick it up asap!Saz // Oh Dollymix

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