Lush Frozen Bath Bomb

Hey All

Another Lush Review today. As I’m sure you can tell by now L and I are massive lush fans. I spent way more than I should in the Lush Sale but probably won’t share much of that on the blog as not much of it is still available. 

Today I wanted to share the Frozen bath bomb. I first saw this when we went to a lush event and just had to pick it up. Not only because of the name but it smells great too. It contains Grapefruit, Rose and Neroli oil so smells really fresh!


I love bath bombs that totally transform the colour of the bath and this is one of them. As soon as it hits the bath it fizzes away to an amazing brilliant blue colour. 



How cute is my new pug bath plug my mum got me. I didn’t realise he was upside down at first!



As well as turning the bath brilliantly blue it also leaves it sparkly silver. The perfect tribute to Frozen!! And although the bath is glittery you don’t come out looking like a disco ball or finding the sides of the bath covered in it!


One last thing I loved about this was how soft my skin felt after. I don’t know if it’s from the oils it contains but my skin felt lovely after this! This is one I’ll be repurchasing!

Have you tried the frozen bath bomb yet?

Love M


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