Miss Patisserie – Queen of Hearts Bath Bake

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At CSI we regularly wander the shops of Cardiff, but only occasionally do we go into the arcades which is a shame as they have lots of wonderful shops.

Over Christmas me and my mum wandered the arcades in search of gifts that were a bit more special and we came across Miss Patisserie.

Miss Patisserie was created by Charlotte Ridgwell in 2009. She broke her leg and was forced to take 6 weeks off work and decided to keep herself busy by making bath bombs for family and friends. They loved them so much that she took them to craft fairs and Miss Patisserie began!



During my visit I couldn’t resist but pick a few things up for myself. The Bath Bakes are beautiful, and the Queen of Hearts one was exactly what I was looking for – even though I didn’t know it!

How beautiful is it!!

The Queen of Hearts Bath Bake contains notes of pomegranate, citrus zest and blackcurrant with a few extra floral scents thrown in for good measure.


What I love about these bath bombs is not only the beautiful cupcake design, but the fact the bath bakes work as a cake and icing – two separate parts with two separate jobs. The cake is the bath bomb itself, and the icing is a scrub to be used as an exfoliator once the bath bomb has fizzed away. It’s a genius idea and it works so well.



Baths are not a regular thing for me but I was really excited to use this one. Peeling off the cupcake wrapper was a little weird, but only because normally when I do this it’s to eat the cake and I certainly couldn’t do that this time!

I absolutely love the design though, pink and swirly icing and bright red glitter. I’m like a lot of people and I love Alice in Wonderland, I have multiple copies of the books and many prints and handmade designs on the walls of my house, so this bath bake is very much appealing to me, don’t you agree?


Below is a picture of the bath bake fizzing around the water, I loved that it stays upright whilst it spins around and the icing on the cake stays on the surface. My bathroom smelled absolutely wonderful, and as my house is rather small so did my entire house after I had finished in there!
I’m not a huge fan of strong scents as i seem to have a sensitive nose and if I smell something really strong i can’t smell anything else for hours afterwards – I could smell this all evening.


So it fizzed around like a charm and smells amazing, what about the scrub? This was also pretty impressive as i expected it to crumble in my hands straight away and not be much use, but I managed to use the entire of it without it crumbling into mush on my feet, legs, knees, elbows, arms and actually my entire body and still had some left for my shower the next day. It wasn’t abrasive and felt like a fine powder when it did crumble, I was very impressed.

Generally as my first product from Miss Patisserie I am very Impressed and especially for £4.50. As a Welsh girl I also feel quite patriotic about the fact they are made locally in Cardiff!

Have you visited the shop too?? I love it and have visited there twice since, if you’re lucky enough you will also meet Charlotte and she is so lovely to chat to!

I have a few more things to try including a perfume, face mask and a candle and will be sure to post them soon. In the meantime you can check out the website by clicking here, and join me in making a huuuuuuuuuge wishlist!

Bath bomb selection box is next for sure – even I have vowed to work my way through them all and try out the Bath Pastilles too, they look just like macaroons!

L xxx

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