Valentine’s Day for Couples and Friends and Last

Hey All

So the big Valentines Day tomorrow. I’ve never really been someone who feels the need to go OTT with the celebrations. I thought I’d share some last minute ideas and what I’m getting up to.

Last year I ditched C and L and I went and visited friends. I think a date with a friend is a great way to spend it and through uni my housemates and I would always buy each chocolate and go for a meal or have a girly night with ice cream and films.  You can’t beat digging into a tub if ice cream. I always think of strawberries for valentines day and love a tub of Strawberries and Cream Haagen Dazs. As kids haagen dazs was always a massive treat and definitely be fought over. I’d always pick the baileys one as I thought I was being naughty have boozey one.


For C and I this year we’ll ve travelling back from seeing friends so we’ve grab the Marks and Spencer dine in deal. It’s such great value and makes having a 3 course dinner at home hassle free. Plus how good does this dessert look. I’d definitely recommend grabbing it. It’s great for friends or partners.


C and I don’t really do presents but I wanted to get him something. I loved this book and thought it was a great way to remember all the little thinga we do. This could easily be made today with some last minute photo printing and a book. I gave it too him early as I was excited and he was really touched by it.



What are you getting up to this Valentines Day? Do you celebrate?

Love M


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