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If you haven’t noticed by now we’ve been making a few changes to our blog, we’ve upgraded to our own domain name and also changed the layout and had a whole new shake up – we’ve got our Instagram back and we’ve finally added Pinterest so we will be having so many new things coming up for you and we’re very excited!

To continue with the ‘out with the old and in with the new’ I’ve got another update to my Beauty Rehab series. My stash has seriously downsized from it’s original mammoth size but there’s still more things to work through, here’s what I’ve finished this time:

Rimmel Kate Moss Mascara – i will always love Rimmel mascaras as for me, you just can’t go wrong. Good products for good prices, this is another that I’ve had before and although I don’t find there are too many differences between them all they are all great for me!
Lacura Day Care Moisturiser – since moving I’ve had to consider every purchase, including skincare. I tried out Aldi’s as it had so many good reviews and its actually really good, including this moisturiser, thumbs up from me
Maybelline Big Eyes mascara – wasn’t a fan of this one, the two brush thing always has me worried but as these were different sizes I thought it would be different but sadly it dried out super fast and wasn’t very good
Origins Checks and Balances face wash – still a favourite but sadly out of my budget nowadays, this was one I was saving for trips away for my wash bag, still love it!


Aussie products – as a blanket review Aussie products smell amazing and are always on offer, why would I buy anything else?!
Good Things Argan Oil Cleansing Oil – I also really like Good Things and this worked really well but I do prefer their normal face wash for getting rid of the days grime
Batiste – again another staple, cannot go wrong and no other dry shampoo has lived up to this
Elemis Apricot Toner – a product that many have raved over. I’m not really a toner kind of girl but this smelled fairly good to me and it was nice and cooling, if I could get into the habit of using I’d probably want to use this one


More Aussie, Batiste and Good Things, all great brands!
Alberto Balsam Shampoo – think this is a Home Bargains special, so many lovely smells I always pick them up as they’re a great price too
Lush Cupcake Face Mask – chocolatey and great to use, my skin loves anything that comes from a fridge too, I’d get this again when my skin needed it
Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray – so good for nights out, it has lasted me a while but sadly had to run out at some point


Original Source Shower Gel – I had forgotten about these until I saw them in a shop, the smell is still wonderful and zesty in the mornings so I’ve bought a stash to inspire me to get up and exercise before work..fingers crossed!
Origins Ginzing Face Scrub – One of the few Origins products I haven’t been impressed with, just didn’t see any benefits whatsoever so this was disappointing
JPG MaDame perfume – This is my smell, and I still love it almost 10 years after it first came out. I’m pretty sure it’s being discontinued so if anyone sees it on offer let me know!! Or I will have to find a new one and that’s going to be a horrible task as I’m sensitive to smells…eek!
Origins Eye Doctor Eye Cream – wonder stuff, sad to finish it knowing I can’t afford to replace it!


Global Beauty Care Vitamin C Day Cream – this felt wonderful on the skin and moisturised well but sadly kept bringing me out in spots so it wasn’t for me
Lacura Serum and Eye Gel – both amazing and both repurchased, Aldi have done super well here and I can’t stop telling everyone about how good they are, get these! Just don’t forget to leave some there for me too!
Ojon Hair Mask – vile. There’s no other word for it, who wants a hair mask that smells like decades old stale coffee and cigarettes with a bit of damp thrown in?? Made me want to be sick 🙁
Chantecaille Mascara – can’t see me ever buying this as I believe it is outrageously expensive, this was from a sample bag from Space NK. It was a lovely mascara and so was the brush (I meant to keep it as a spare and give it a wash but must have been to eager to clean up…oops) but at somewhere between £40 and £60 I just have to pretend it doesn’t exist
Lush Mask of Magnaminty – a favourite of mine and got me into Lush products, I permanently have a tub in my shower and use it as much as possible!

So that’s my round up, I tried to keep it short and sweet but there were quite a few to get through.

What do you think of my empties? Have you tried them all? Were your thoughts the same as mine?

Let me know!

L xxx

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