Lush Ladybird Bubble Bar

Good morning everyone!

I’ve been working my way through the wonderful products I picked up recently at the Lush Spring event which you can read about here.

My bath this week was with the Ladybird Bubble Bar – it’s such a cutie!

2016-02-25 19.29.56

2016-02-25 19.30.19

I haven’t used many bubble bars before so this was a new experience for me, and also the smell was so intriguing.
As I’ve mentioned many times I’m quite sensitive to smells and sometimes they are overpowering, this one is not like that at all. How can you resist such a cute bubble bar with the bug eyes??

This one contains geranium and peppermint oil so is both relaxing and invigorating, it would be a great one to have in the morning if there was enough time!

2016-02-25 19.30.50

I crumbled this under running water and watching the bubble multiply, I actually only used half of this bar as I wanted to save it but next time the whole thing is going in!

Lorna from Lush Cardiff told us the best thing for these is to use a sieve, I have now bought one ready to use the other half and can’t wait to see how much more bubbly it gets.

2016-02-25 19.32.43

2016-02-25 19.35.42

My bathroom (and me!) smelled amazing after this bath and I may have to purchase a few more of these lovely little bugs before they stop selling them. The only cost £3.95 each

Have you tried the Ladybird? Do you prefer bubble bars or bath bombs?

L xxx

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