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Last week L and I headed to Lush Cardiff to see what treats they have in store this year for spring. We were excited to head down and stock up on our favourite shower gel from last year Yummy Mummy (here’s our review from last year of it. It still has the same scent but is now a shower cream and slightly shimmery).

So onto this years treats. As soon as I saw the Happy Mother’s Day set I had to get it for my mum. It’s an amazing tin which comes with paper impregnated with seeds which you grow in the tin after. What a great idea to use the packaging. It also has a great mix of products including the amazing sunflower bubble bar below which smells like sherbet lemons (I think this one is an exclusive but rumour is it may appear in the kitchen. I’ll be snapping it up if it does!). Definitely a great treat for mum’s or yourself.



Another amazingly packaged item is the Good Egg! How cute is he, I want it for myself. It also includes the amazing humpty dumpty bath bomb that L and I instantly fell in love with and had to buy. It lasts for 3 baths. This one contains a great mix of bubble bars and bath bombs.


Along with Humpty Dumpty I had to buy Golden Egg. Look at the glitter on this bad boy!! Golden Egg is a bath bomb melt. It has a luxurious coating packed full of cocoa butter to soften the skin and then has a bath bomb inside. It smells amazing like sweet toffee and cocoa butter too. It’s amazing!!


Ultraviolet is a new bubble bar added to the mix. Check out that blue shimmer and amazing colour. The girls get the most amazing amount of bubbles. We got given a little tip which was to buy a cheap sieve crumble the bath bomb and then run it under the hot tap to get the best bubbles and smell released. Ultraviolet joins the bubble bars below to create and amazing set.



This little guy the Ladybird bubble bar was a big hit with L (she used him last night so expect a full review soon) and I. L couldn’t resist buying one and I’ll be popping in to grab one soon. He smells like peppermint and produces an amazing red bath.


Somewhere over the rainbow was a instant hit with L and she was very pleased it was in her goodie bag as she was debating buying it but resisted at the last minute. It’s soooo pretty. We weighed it to see how much the whole thing would cost but unfortunately couldn’t leave with it. Apparently this is a great one to clean you’re make up brushes with too.



This is bouncing bunny how cute is this little guy!! He’s a bath jelly which I’m still trying to get used too I currently have one and spend a lot of a shower chasing it round the tub. This one smells amazing though like chocolate orange so I’m excited to try it. I’m going to pop it in the freezer as apparently that makes for a great treat post exercise aching muscles!


And last but by no means least L and I’s favourite item. We’ve both bought one so far but will be back for more it’s Yummy Mummy. This is my all time favourite shower gel. It has an amazing sweet almost strawberry scent but it’s not cheap or sickly smelling as you’d expect. The scent also lasts on your skin so long!!! If you’ve not tried it I’d definitely recommend getting one.


Expect lots of lush over the next few weeks as L and I couldn’t resist buying lots of the collection whilst we were there! Have you grabbed anything yet?

Love M 


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  1. Hannah Latoya Bond
    March 2, 2016 / 11:58 am

    I went to this event too and got quite a few items. That tin gift set was a must for me, so I treated myself to one x

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