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I’ve not written a wishlist for a ridiculous amount of time, which is quite funny as I can’t afford to buy anything but still want everything.

So without further rambling, here is what’s on my wishlist right now:

Lorna Jane – Everything!

Image from Active in Style

I’ve seen and heard a lot about Lorna Jane, one day I will own such beauties!

Above are the Storm Core Ankle Biter Tights, and they are wonderful. You can view them on the Active in Style site by clicking here for £63.

I’ve also got my eye on this bra:

Image from Active in Style

It’s the Lumineer Sports Bra and comes in at £46.

I absolutely love the design with the subtle print and the cross back, its gorgeous and functional and I need it in my fitness bag. It might make me run faster right? Right.

Zoeva – Rose Golden Vol. 2 Brush Sets

Who doesn’t love rose gold? And who doesn’t love brush sets?

Which is why it is so hard to ignore these beauties, I picked two sets as I couldn’t choose one!

Both of these sets cost £65 each which for brushes of this variety and quality is quite good. And they’re pretty! I think i could always do with more brushes generally but the eye brush set is probably the number one priority for me, I never seem to have enough and there’s such a good variety there I want to test them all out.

It’s unlikely I will ever buy these for myself so I think it’s safe to say they will be staying on my wishlist for a while, but if some money does come my way some time soon I will be running to Beauty Bay to snap them up.

You can view the collection on Beauty Bay by clicking here.

Rebecca Stella Squad Palette

Rebecca Stella hasn’t really popped up on my radar before, but with my new found love for YouTube I saw the Squad Palette on ‘Meg Says’ and wow isn’t it the dream??

I love the matte colours and can see they would be used a lot for day wear. There’s even one with a slight shimmer for a highlight and the best part?

This brand is totally cruelty free! M has been super conscious of this now she has her bunnies and it is always better to buy from a brand that doesn’t test on animals so we are actively trying to learn more.

When brands like this produce lovely palettes like this why would you get anything that had been tested on an animal?!

You can browse Rebecca Stella on her website here, the Squad Palette is £32 (They also have a contour palette…..eeek!)

Nike – LunarGlide 7 MP – £115

There’s not really much to be said about these absolutely gorgeous and super wonderful running trainers…..apart from, drool with me.

L xxx

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  1. Beauty Bird
    March 28, 2016 / 8:06 pm

    I have my eye on a pair of Nikes, I think they're called Flyknits?! Or something like that!! I want to get into jogging this summer but do not own a single pair of trainers xxRamblings of a Beauty Bird | Beauty Blog

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