Miss Patisserie Citrine Roll On Eau de Toilette

Morning lovelies!

If you are a long time reader of this blog then you will know that I have a huge love for citrus scents – it’s in my perfume, my shower products and candles and diffusers in my house. I can’t get enough of it!
As soon as I saw the Citrine roll on in Miss Patisserie I knew it had to be mine.



The description for this scent from Miss Patisserie is:

A stroll in the garden on an exotic island is the inspiration behind this scent. Green mango, lotus, incense, calamus and sycamore wood are at the heart of this refreshing eau de toilette

I’d say this was pretty accurate, it’s so beautiful and refreshing and takes me to a different place for a few seconds – which is sometimes exactly what I need!

The top notes are green mango and lemon, middle notes of lavender and lotus, and base notes of incense and sycamore wood – for those who need to know all of the details!


This has been perfect for me to put in my handbag for carrying around day to day, and also for taking on work trips where I can put it in my hand luggage and don’t have to worry about exceeding the liquid limits.
I picked up the 10ml perfume which costs £6.99, there are also 30ml and 50ml versions too (£8.99 and £11.99)


I love this scent and how easy it is to roll on whenever I need a boost – this isn’t just perfume for me to smell nice it’s also a scent that gives me a mental boost. It smells like a holiday and takes me away to a paradise island for a few seconds, and everyone needs that right?!

I’d definitely recommend this scent, and I’ve heard that there is also a scent based on sea salt which I’d love to try as some floral scents can be overwhelming for me and my sensitive nose!

Have you tried one of the scents from Miss Patisserie? Which is your favourite?

L xxx

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