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A few weeks ago L and I were contacted to see if we wanted to try out some Cliff Bars as they’d also launched a new flavour for spring Coconut Chocolate Chip. As we both love these type of bars as a treat or pre/post gym snack we couldn’t wait to try them. I was especially excited as I’ve currently got a thing for coconut. 

Cliff Bar Review Healthy Snacks

These are different from the normal bars we have like trek and bounce balls as the texture was more cakey due to them being made out of rolled oats. We both love porridge in the mornings so really enjoyed this texture. It also makes it feel more like a cake treat which is always a bonus. 

Cliff bars are great for workouts as they are packed with protein (10 grams in the coconut one) and carbohydrates to help sustain energy during long extensive work outs or they’re great for pre workout boost. I know L has especially liked having them in between work and the gym. They’re also packed with vitamins that contribute to the release of energy in the body.

We were sent a selection to try pit and none of them disappointed. I’m especially a fan of the chocolate coconut flavour and it’s also made using dairy free chocolate! I’ve mainly enjoyed having half a bar as a snack in the day to fill me up when I’m feeling especially peckish!!

Cliff Bar Review Healthy Snacks

Clif bars are available from lots of places on the highstreet now including boots (it’s a snack in the meal deal as well), asda and tesco and they retail for £1.60 each. I’ve been and grabbed extras since as I need to try the white chocolate macadamia one.

Do you have energy bars as snacks or pre gym workouts?

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