Lush Let the Good Times Roll Face Cleanser

Hello there!

We are long term fans of Lush and on a recent visit picked up a new cleanser that I had the chance to smell and knew I just had to have! Let The Good Times Roll (LTGTR from now on).


LTGTR is a face and body cleanser, it’s a thick paste that you need to mix with a little water to create the cleanser. It’s also double up as a scrub on account of the ingredients so you’re getting double the effects from a single product.

The cleanser contains maize flour and polenta for exfoliation, and cinnamon powder to stimulate your skin. Even without these ingredients the smell is unbelievable; it’s sweet, warming and reminds me of cinema popcorn – of which there are bits of it inside!



I’ve been using this cleanser for a few weeks now and love the smell and the exfoliating effects. If i had to be picky the bits of popcorn are actually a bit annoying when you are trying to make the cleanser but I’d definitely repurchase this.

Let the Good Times Roll costs £6.95 for 100g of product, so a perfectly reasonable cost. Have you tried this cleanser? What did you think of it?

It’s another Lush product that I’d definitely buy again!

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