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As with most British people, we are also tea addicts. We love a normal Tetley brew but also love trying out herbal and loose leaf teas. My brother knows this and he bought me the T2 Choc loose leaf tea selection box when he went to Bath.

It was a lovely surprise and I’ve been really enjoying trying out the flavours, but first up, look at the funky packaging!



How funky is it?! I love the contrasting colours and the writing, I wonder what it actually says!

The T2 Choc contains 10 loose leaf tea sachets of varying flavours, I’d say each sachet would make a small pot of tea or two cups. This is extremely useful as sometimes I’ve botched the first cup by making it too strong or adding milk when I shouldn’t!

2016-04-17 18.37.40


2016-04-17 18.38.02

Each sachet does have it’s own instructions, including the temperature of the water, the brewing time and what you need to enjoy it with.

This was a god send as at the time I was still a novice with loose leaf tea!

2016-03-30 21.23.41-1

2016-03-30 21.23.47

The first flavour I tried was Choc Chip Chai, and it didn’t disappoint. However it did have a lot of cloves, and I missed the part when it said to add milk and honey….

My second cup of it was beautiful though, so I was glad that I did it in two sittings. I took out a few cloves and added the milk and honey and it was awesome. I was eagerly awaiting my next cup to try a different flavour.


2016-03-30 21.31.17


2016-03-31 21.22.47

Also in the box was White White Cocoa, Terrific Toffee, Red Choc Mint, Cocoa Loco, Caramel Brownie, Chocolate, Jade Mountain, Lamington and Creme Brulee.

I’ve tried most of the dessert sounding flavours – Terrific Toffee, Caramel Brownie and Creme Brulee all smell and taste really good, although I think the smells are particularly inviting!


2016-04-01 21.22.56



2016-04-01 21.23.12





2016-04-01 21.23.27


I’ve still got a few to try out but I’ve been really impressed with the T2 Choc box and the selection it has to offer so far.
I’m a bit disappointed that I can’t find it on their website, it’s quite hard to navigate through and I couldn’t find it. Maybe it’s a store exclusive or something but I would have liked to know if I could buy it again and see how much it is.

Are you a tea fan? Do you like trying out loose leaf teas like this?

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