Marula Oil Rare Oil Replenishing Range: Shampoo and Conditioner

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A few weeks ago L and I headed to an event with Salon Success and were given some products to test out.

One of these is the Marula Oil Range. Marula oil is harvested in Africe and cold-pressed to help maintain the nutrients of the oil. The Marula Oil used has up to 50% more protective antioxidants than Argan Oil. It helps to hydrate, repair and moisturise the hair.

We both dye our hair so anything that helps improve the condition and hydrate it is always a win for us!

Marula Oil Haircare Review

The packaging is simple but works, white and black with gold accents. I also love that it’s a pump top as it just makes it easier to use in the shower.

Marula Oil Haircare Review

The shampoo really lathers up well which is great as it’s also sulphate free. Some sulphate free shampoos just don’t have the same lather. It leaves the hair clean but what impressed me the most is how soft my hair felt after just the shampoo. My hair is bleached and regularly dyed and not in the best condition. It usually feels horrible without conditioner but after using this I was impressed how untangled my hair felt with the shampoo alone. The conditioner really added to it and just left my hair feeling so soft and more manageable. It’s also surprisingly lightweight. I always expect a moisturising conditioner to be thicker but this is lovely.

Marula Oil Haircare Review

Overall I’m totally impressed, my hair feels softer and in better conditioner since I’ve started using it.

The Marula Oil range is available from Paul Mitchell Salons, you can find your nearest salon here.

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