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This is a post I’ve been meaning to write for ages but for a while I wasn’t happy with the photos I originally took so need to get round to taking some more. As soon as I saw Crowd Colour on Kickstarter I had to get involved. I absolutely love the idea that you can choose any image and get it printed onto a palette of your choice. 

The palettes come in three sizes, small, medium and large and with a black or white background. The whole process is really simple, you choose an image, upload it and decide if you want to add text. They also do pre-designed ones. The large of mine is a predesigned image. 

Crowd Colour Personalised Palettes

Picking photos was the hardest bit. I decided to go with a few favourite photos of C and me. These would make amazing presents for any make up lover. Each palette comes with a large mirror inside as well and a magnetised base.

crowd colour personalised palettes

I couldn’t wait for them to arrive and to start depotting my make up collection. I have so many palettes and I wanted them all together so I’d get more use of them. Below you can see the large one (excuse the image being so dark). It holds a lot, inside are two naked palettes, minus two eyeshadows that were empty or broken and the benefit sweet cheeks box. I love having it all together and this palette now holds some of my favourite shades and is great to travel with.

The naked palette was reasonably easy to depot. I applied some heat from my straighteners to the base and then used a paring knife to ease them out. I do have naked 2 and 3 so had metal cases which made it easier. All of the pans are also already magnetic making it easy as they just stuck. The benefit palette was also really easy to depot. It’s so much more convenient in this packaging.

Crowd Colour Personalised Palettes

The smallest size you can see below still holds a far amount of samples and is great for popping to the handbag. I really do love these and I’ve been able to streamline my make up. Any pans I depotted that didn’t stick I just attached magnets too. I did break a few eyeshadows depotting things but most have been ok.

Crowd Colour Personalised Palettes

I did have a problem with one palette but crowd colour sorted the issue really quickly for me. 


I also got a lipstick. This shade doesn’t seem to be on the website anymore but they still have some great one’s. The formulation is these is impressive. You can see from the swatch below how pigmented they are and they’re only £5. Again these make great presents with the personalisation option or even for yourself.


Have you depotted products before?

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