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This is a post is one I’ve been meaning to write for ages. When we went to the Salon Success event a while back this was one that was in our goodie bags. I was so excited to see it as it was a firm favourite a few years back and you can see it on the blog in the early days. The New CID I-groom in neutral is a great one as it works on all skin tones so after raving about it I was excited L would get to try it too!

New CID i-Groom neutral eyebrow pencil review

The first one I had come in a white packaging but the mirror shine silver looks even better. It’s simple and all you need for a brow pencil. It’s also double ended with a spoolie on one end. 

New CID i-Groom neutral eyebrow pencil review

New CID i-Groom neutral eyebrow pencil review

The neutral shade is a grey colour which initially scared me but it really does work great for all hair colours and somehow blends in. As someone who has multiple hair colours it’s perfect for me as it always goes with my current hair colour. The lids are also really secure which means you don’t end up losing them as I have on my other brow pencils that have eyeliner esque lids!

New CID i-Groom neutral eyebrow pencil review

The shape of the tip makes it fool proof and easy to apply (it actually reminds me of the new benefit goof proof in shape!) being thinner at one end makes it easy to get a nice crisp edge to the brows. It’s also applies smoothly but is hard enough that it will last a while.

New CID I-Groom in Neutral Review

You can see the colour on me here. It’s easy to make it look natural and the spoolie on the end makes it easy to soften the shape at the front.

This is definitely one I’d recommend. 

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