Review: Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing Nail Paint in Peach for the Stars

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Today’s post is a review of a nail polish, which is something that I rarely buy nowadays. Over the years I have built up quite a collection and have pretty much all of the nudes, corals and glitters that I could possibly want – and I rarely wear many other colours!

However every now and then I cannot resist picking up something that’s a different colour or effect and this was the case with the Daylight Curing range from Barry M.

My nail varnish rarely lasts more than a few days because of work and although I tend to do them once a week it would be great if they could last the whole week without too much chipping, so the long lasting effects of the UV type polish sounded worthy of trying, and of course they had a coral colour that was right up my street!

So I picked up the Peach for the Stars and also the Do it Like a Nude as well as the very important top coat.

Basically these are to act as an at home kit to give salon quality high shine nails that would normally be created with a UV lamp but instead uses daylight and the topcoat for the same effect, also requiring no base coat.

I have been wearing this shade for the last few weeks and really like it, I’ve had so many compliments too. I’ve worn it to work, the gym and wedding celebrations and it has been an all round winner.

I’ve been impressed at how super shiny it is too, I always love shiny nails and wasn’t really a fan of the matte trend. Aside from a few times when I dabbled I always find myself straight back to super shiny topcoat.

Barry M Daylight Curing

There are 16 shades in total plus the top coat, all costing £4.99 which is great value anyway but likely they are on offer as they so regularly are in Boots and Superdrug. There are some reds and darker shades which will be great for the winter months that I will probably look into getting soon too.

What do you think of the Daylight Curing range? Are you a fan of Barry M too?

I have many polishes from their collection and plan on adding many more too! I really don’t see why you would pay any more than this price when Barry M have such great colours and finishes.

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