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This weekend has been about catching up with things, I’ve caught up on the boring house things like cleaning and washing and also blog photos and painting my nails.

I caught up with some friends on Friday night at the Street Food Circus, luckily I went to the gym straight from work so not only was I super hungry but felt like I was justified in my huge binge of food….right?


We shared a few different meals to maximise our feast, we shared a burger from Got Beef (already a huge fan of theirs and this was a great burger!) and then we went straight to Meat and Greek. I haven’t ever had any food from them before but I’ve heard amazing things and it did not disappoint. We shared the chicken souvlaki with halloumi and it was bloody good!

Next up we shared the cod bites from Big Fish Little Fish, the fish was amazing and the chips were covered in salt and rosemary….yum! The peas and tartare sauce were also great but I did think that this was overall a bit too salty for my liking – still great though!



I finished off my feast the only way i know how. Science Cream!

It has long been a favourite of mine, and the flavours were still the same as those from when I went the week before. With the gym as a justification I ordered the big guns – the Freakshake containing peanut butter ice cream, ‘jelly’ sauce, marshmallow and caramel brownie.

I made the mistake in assuming it was a milkshake with some marshmallows, berry sauce and bits of brownie sprinkled on top… wasn’t. It was a beasty milkshake with a huge amount of berry sauce at the bottom, a brownie the size of a normal dessert and where you would normally have whipped cream on a frappe, homemade veggie marshmallow!


I was really impressed with the marshmallow, I’ve never had anything like it and tucked into it without hesitation. The shake itself was also great and I love PB so it was a favourite, but the berry sauce and the brownie was too much overkill for me. The berry overpowered the PB flavour and the brownie was quite stodgy. In my opinion, peanut butter goes with berries, salted caramel, brownie and marshmallow….but not all at the same time!

2016-08-19 18.36.43

This was all from this weeks offering, but I have also been a few weeks ago and had the ribs from Hangfire Smokehouse – utterly wonderful but definitely worth sharing unless you don’t fancy eating much else! The two ribs I had were both a similar size, and that was similar to the size of my forearm. My arms aren’t huge, but imagine them as ribs and that’s the amount of meat I had to get through!

After this I managed to share half a pizza covered with chorizo and honey – yes that’s right HONEY! It was really good and now I might just put a swirl of honey on any meat pizza I eat in future, it was yum!

The Street Food Circus is definitely worth visiting though it does make me sad that it wasn’t on for longer. There are only two more weekends left for eating your body weight in delicious food so I’d recommend going asap!

L xxx

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  1. Anthony Connors
    September 11, 2016 / 8:43 pm

    These pictures look fantastic girls, I love food! x

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