L.A.B 2 Brush Review

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A few weeks ago we were sent some brushes from L.A.B 2 to test out. Being the make up addicts we are of course we said yes as you can never have enough brushes (mine have reached ridiculous almost triple figures *hides face in shame!!*).

L.A.B 2 isn’t a brand I’d heard too much about but are available online or in Superdrug. A big thing for me lately when purchasing new products is that they are cruelty free and L.A.B.2 is cruelty free and suitable for vegans.



HIGHEST QUALITY METAL only found in high-end, professional brushes

NON-CORROSIVE superior durability and resistance to damage

DOUBLED-CRIMPED for stability and to prevent brush heads from detaching and bristles from shedding

L.A.B 2 brush review

Each brush is colour coded to the area of the face, lips are purple, eyes are blue and face brushes are yellow. The colours are mimicked on the handles with the name of each brush. The handles themselves are rubberised for a matte finish and easy grip. I love the look of these but my foundation brush does look a bit mucky in between washes which I find is standard for rubberised materials. 

L.A.B 2 brush review

The back of each brush has helpful tips and detailed information on the brush. The fibers on the brushes have micro-studded surface that mimic the cuticle of natural hair to allow them to be as good as natural hair brushes. They are great at picking up product and the eye brush is perfect for blending out product. I’ve washed these once so far and they didn’t shed which is always impressive.

L.A.B 2 brush review

I’ve been using the foundation and eye shadow brush the most so far as I’m a bit lazy when it comes to lip brushes. I have used the lip brush to concealer around my brows and it is really precise and easy to use. The fact it’s retractable means I don’t end up with the left over concealer going everywhere.

The foundation brush is great with my illamasqua skinbase. I find this works best with a traditional shaped foundation brush. It blends the foundation into my skin easily and the bristles are easy to spot clean so I don’t have to wash it too often.

I’ve used the eyeshadow brush for both blending and applying foundation and it works well with both, It softens the edges of my shadow easily but can still pack it onto the lid if needed.

I can’t wait to try out more brushes from L.A.B 2!

Have you tried any of them? They have some great sets available.

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