Miss Patisserie: Miami Bath Ball

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Well look at that cold weather creeping back in, Autumn is well and truly here and the colder mornings now require a scarf and boots. I have to say this pleases me quite a bit as I’m definitely a lover of Autumn and Winter. Hot chocolates, blankets and fairy lights please me no end so I’m enjoying adding layers on!

With that comes more baths. I mean, it’s not like I stopped having them over the summer because let’s face it I live in Wales and the rain is always pouring somewhere but a cosy bath in the evening is even better when it’s cold.

The best type of baths however are the ones that remind you of summer at this time – just like the Miami bath ball.



Green is hands down my favourite colour anyway, so I may be slightly biased but I did really love the colour of this bath ball.

I also love the swirly effect of the colours on the outside, everyone loves a marble effect right?

Without further rambling, I spun it into my bath and watched the bath porn (the technical term obviously) commence!



It didn’t take long for the fabulous pink colour to arrive which made the bath art look even better!

Looking at the image below I immediately think of some of the crazy retro style prints you can get for summer in Miami – the description on the Miss Patisserie website for this bath ball is perfect ‘Sun, beaches, flamingos and everything fabulous’. Spot on!



This bath ball’s main scent is Lavender, and it surprised me just how much I enjoyed it. I’m not normally a fan of it but I really enjoyed this bath. The bath ball also has a scent of florida grapefruit so maybe that was why! Who knows, I still loved it and would definitely but it again, if just for the beautiful colours and the swirls.

You can pick up this bath ball for £3.95, I’d definitely recommend popping in to the store if you can as it’s so beautiful. And then accidentally picking up the rest of the store contents….which is exactly what I do!

Have you tried the Miami Bath Ball? What were your thoughts? Have you got a favourite so far?

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