Miss Patisserie: Rainbow River Bath Ball

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Both of us here absolutely love a good bath and spend a lot of our time in Lush and Miss Patisserie – in fact I think between us we have tried most of their ranges which are quite extensive! We couldn’t possibly choose between the two and why would you? Both have managed to create amazing products of their own so no doubt we will keep going back for more!

Today’s post is about Miss Patisserie’s  Rainbow River bath ball. M has previously written a post on this but I still decided I wanted to share my thoughts, her post is here if you’d like to read it


Rainbow River is a bath ball with a whole load of beautiful bright colours inside – there’s blue, yellow pink and a few hidden extras!

The main scent for this bath ball is lavender to help calm you down but there’s also some shimmer too which let’s face it, is a great addition to absolutely anything in life. It’s like coconut oil, great for anything!

Miss Patisserie Rainbow River

Miss Patisserie Rainbow River

The best thing about this bath ball is the bath art, or bath porn depending on who you are.

The colours and swirls from this fizzing bath ball are absolutely stunning! I bought this just before Glastonbury as a treat for myself when I got home, but I was too tired even for that!

Now were a few months later and Autumn is well and truly here I thought it was about time I reminded myself of how amazing Glastonbury was and how fun and carefree it is. The colours instantly remind me of the festival and I need to go and buy more Rainbow River to get me through the winter months!

Miss Patisserie Rainbow River


Rainbow River costs £3.85 each unless you buy them in a box with a few others like above and then I believe they are 4 for £12 in the box.

It was the store’s first birthday this week so there was an event to celebrate. I can’t wait to share my new purchases with you as I’ve got a few newbies!

Have you tried Rainbow River? What’s your favourite product from Miss Patisserie?

If you are from South Wales do you regularly pop in to the store or do you prefer to bulk order from the internet?

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