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Hey all!

So my blog posts over the Christmas break did not go to plan – a lot of my family have been ill so I was helping with lots of the food etc and then unfortunately I have got the dreaded flu myself! So lots of sleeping, lemon and honey, and trashy tv has been my plan over the last few days.

The cold part hasn’t been too bad but the aches I just hate! The weirdest thing is that it was all in my hands and elbows so typing just wasn’t possible – sooo I’m a little behind with my festive posts particularly a recap of 2016 and goals for 2017. I’m hoping to get them up this week!

Without further rambling here are some more pictures of my Christmas break including some of the lovely presents. I didn’t take any pictures of all my presents together, I actually didn’t get any make up this year and although all of my presents were lovely they consisted of a lot of pyjamas, socks and kitchen items!

One of the new presents is this beautiful Dune bag from my parents. I am a lover of Dune bags because they are stylish and functional with lots of pockets and always seem to have a zip to close the bag fully – important for not getting things stolen! I also like that many of them come with detachable straps and they are really good quality so last really well (I have a few no and can vouch for the great selection of Dune bags at TK Maxx!)

A present that I sneakily bought for myself with an early present of cash was the infamous Anastasia Beverly Hills palette called Modern Renaissance – the colours in this are beautiful and there are so many new ones that I cannot wait to try!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance

Christmas 2016

So far I have tried the neutrals and metallics and they are so soft, buttery and pigmented! I’m looking forward to trying out the berry shades but i think I might need some practice before I share those pictures!

Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016

In addition to this I had a few goodies from one of our favourites Miss Patisserie.

The Mineral Soak was absolutely amazing and the first time i have tried it, I will be having lots to help relax and get rid of this flu as I felt so much better after it. I also had the Cotton candle and I love the scent, I really love scents like these as some can be too overpowering for me and my sensitive nose! The bath I had with these was amazing and I’ll be writing a separate post on it soon – it was that good!

Aside from this I have been trying to get back to normality a little, breakfast has finally gone back to my favourite porridge and pancakes (I had a proper pancake pan for Christmas!) I’m really looking forward to getting back on the healthy wagon. I loved the indulgent food over Christmas but found that i couldn’t actually eat that much of it, so I’m looking forward to eating my favourite Mediterranean veg, salads and fruit again!

Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016

Another of my favourite Christmas traditions is our Boxing Day Beach walk. Unfortunately my dog has a bad leg at the moment (he’s going for an xray this week eek!) and the weather was awful and a huge crash happened on the M4, so we had to delay it by a few days but the wait was worth it.

The views were beautiful and it was a great day to blow away the cobwebs and get some fresh air into our lungs.

Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016

After this we went home and completed our other tradition, a puzzle! We always do one very Christmas, it’s not something I ever thought i would enjoy but I find it addictive and can’t stop until it’s completed!

What are your traditions? What did you get for Christmas?

I love seeing other peoples Christmas posts and seeing your traditions and presents, send me links in the comments or on twitter @thecsigirls

L xxx

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