Bolsius Aromatic Wax Burner and Melts

Hi all!

It’s going to be a tough week after a 4 day weekend but hopefully we’re not all feeling too bad going back to work today…maybe you’ve even got some chocolate left to take to work with you??

Recently we were sent a wax burner and wax melts from Bolsius, L hadn’t tried wax melts before so so couldn’t wait to test them out and M has had a few but not many so is always excited to try new ones!

We were sent two different types, mango and cranberry so we split the packs between us and tried them straight away.

You’re supposed to put 2 or 3 wax melts into the top of the wax burner and light a 4 hour tea light underneath to release the scent.

I’ve been using the mango most as that’s the one I decided to start with, and I love it! I’m normally quite strict on the scents I like because I seem to have a sensitive nose, and tend to stick with citrus and mint scents to keep them clean. However the mango one is really lovely especially for the nice weather we’ve been having lately!

I’ve set mine up like the picture above, and have been lighting the wax melt with a few other citrus candles and the smells have been amazing.


The wax melts are sectioned and can be broken up into smaller parts if required, you can also mix the scents too which isn’t something I have tried but I can imagine there is a combination to suit everyone. Bolsius have a total of 8 different scented wax melts so the combinations are pretty extensive and there are suggestions on each pack.

The melts will give you around 25 hours worth of a lovely scent around your home, and these have been great to try out for something new. I love lighting a candle in the evening to let my home smell nice and look cosy so the wax melts and burners have been a great addition to this routine.


We also received the cranberry wax melts and this also smells amazing, I don’t have any pictures with this scent in the burner but the smell is so natural and not synthetic at all. They are quite strong scents but they aren’t overpowering and that’s coming from me! I would definitely tell you if it was too much!

One thing I would note is that the burner can get extremely hot, I know they are going to but this one does get very warm. Originally I tried only one wax melt which is a no no because they say it will get too hot, but even with two the burner was extremely warm so be very careful with children and pets around!

I’ve really enjoyed using these and trying out the different scents, I’d definitely look into trying some more and will try and be a bit more adventurous with the scents next time. They also have magnolia, french lavender, vanilla, baked apple, sugar and spice and fresh linen.

What do you think of wax melts? Do you prefer them over a candle or are you a fan of them all?

Let us know!

L xxx

As I already had a wax melts burner at home L had the Bolsius one and I tested them out in one I already had, until recently I hadn’t seen the fuss with wax melts, I thought they were a messy alternative to a candle that I couldn’t be bothered with.

This was until I was bought one for Christmas and I was blown away by how strong the smell was and totally convinced!


L and I are so alike (one of the reasons we write this blog together!) so both picked the mango first without speaking to each other, the cranberry does smell good but with spring summer coming around I’m leaning more to mango and will bring the cranberry out for autumn time more! Though with wax melts you can combine the scents and mix and match your own personal scent.


The smell on these is impressive, for me I love a scented candle and I want my downstairs to smell like that scent, these are strong without being over the top which with fruity scents is always a good thing!

Are you a wax melts fan? These are great ones to try!

Love M


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