Embroidered George Flat Shoes

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Lately I’ve been trying to save money as I’m learning to drive and aiming to buy a house early next year which has meant less shopping. The embroidered trend is one I’ve been admiring from a far, I’ve been loving all the demin with embroidery but so far have resisited.

That was until I popped into my local asda and saw these beauties for a bargain £14!!

Embroidered George Flat Shoes

As a tall girl (with an OH the same size as me!) pretty flats are always something I’m searching for, and when I saw these at a bargain price I couldn’t resist!

I love the straps so they stay on the feet easily and they are comfy, they are suede material with the embroidery detail to the toes area, also a bonus no toe cleavage (I’m not a fan of shoes that finish too low!)

Embroidered George Flat Shoes

I’ve been loving pairing them with Jeans for a night out or dinner but they also go great with dresses, I did wonder if they’d scuff easily, I’m not known for my care when it comes to shoes, I’m very clumsy, but so far so good! PS thanks Jamie’s Italian for the fantastic floor.

Have you embraced the embroidery trend? Are these something you’d go for, at the price I think they’re an amazing way to embrace fashion trends. On a side note Asda have a selection of dolly shoes with padded soles, yes you heard a padded soles, they feel like slippers and are even more of a bargain at £6 a pair!!! I have two pairs of these ones already (link here for those and here’s the link for the embroidered one’s!)

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