Miss Patisserie Goji Youth Preserve Face Cream


We are long term fans of Miss Patisserie and regularly post new products that we’ve been trying out. I think between us we have tried almost everything (and no doubt will continue to!)

I’ve been using the Goji Youth Preserve Face Cream for a little while now, and thought it was about time I wrote my review.

We both like to use skincare products for at least 1 month before writing about them, I don’t think you can get a full opinion of them after one use and I like to see how they fit in with the products I use.

The Goji Face Cream is designed for normal skin, it contains Avocado and Argan Oil to help renew and improve skin elasticty. We’ve already written posts on products containing avocado oil previously and love the effects we’ve experienced (you can read these posts here for the day cream and here for the night cream)

It also contains Goji Berry extract for extra hydration plus antioxidants and vitamins all to hydrate and prevent signs of ageing.



As always the products are also cruelty free, paraben free and vegan friendly and is very important for both of us now.

The Youth Cream is to be used both morning and evening on the face and neck. I found that it was very hydrating, however I couldn’t use this in the morning. The Youth Cream is quite heavy and thick, so for my skin I found it was too much for the morning as it didn’t absorb enough for me to be able to put make up on top.

Personally I think it’s maybe more for normal to dry skin for this reason. However that’s not to say I didn’t like it, because as a night cream it has been really really good. It smells lovely and when applying it at night I woke up with super soft skin and no residue, so obviously my skin does absorb it eventually.



I’d definitely recommend this if you are looking for a moisturising cream with a serious hit of hydration, it definitely delivers that and it smells lovely but it wasn’t ideal for me in the mornings. My oily t-zone did not appreciate it and putting make up on top caused it to slide around my face.

I think maybe I would be better off using the Grapefruit Balancing moisturiser in the morning (and who doesn’t love a citrus scent to wake you up?!) to keep the oil at bay.

The Goji Youth Preserve Face Cream costs £8.99 and can be purchased in store and on the website here. Have you tried it?  What did you think?

Which other face products from Miss Patisserie would you recommend?

I adore the Coconut Cleansing Bar and the Mineral Mud Mask!

As a quick note, Miss Patisserie is soon to be stocked in Boots stores and on their website! We absolutely cannot wait for this to happen and will certainly be trying some more of the new and exclusive products. It’s great to see a local brand from South Wales make so much progress and do so well, so we can’t be happier for Charlotte and look forward to seeing what happens next!

L xxx

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