Miss Patisserie Safari Bath Ball

Morning all! Happy bank holiday weekend!

I don’t know about you but I am still in a ‘Spring Clean’ mode, so although I have some plans with friends over the weekend I also 100% want to have a sort out in my house too. Anyone else got to the point where their house looks tidy but actually it’s because all the cupboards and drawers are stuffed full?! Oops!

I also plan on having a few relaxing baths – totally treating myself with multiple baths in a weekend! I’ve made many bath product purchases recently so it’s a great excuse to look like a wrinkly lobster every few days.

One of my recent bath balls I’ve tried is Safari from Miss Patisserie:

Miss Patisserie Safari Bath Ball

First off, it looks like a zebra which makes me instantly drawn to it. I’m a monochrome lady at heart, I adore black and white patterns of polka dots and stripes and always will so this bath ball was so appealing to me!

So of course I ran a bath and the bath art was incredible!!

The colours that came out of the bath ball were stunning, so bright and beautiful and instantly reminded me of the bright colours worn in Africa.

Miss Patisserie Safari Bath Ball

Miss Patisserie Safari Bath Ball

There were blues, greens, oranges and reds, amazing clashing colours and the swirls were stunning.

The scents includes citrus trees, dead sea salt and rich cassis berries, so it’s an incredible blend and smells so so good. My skin as usual felt amazing thanks to the Cacao Seed Butter so all in all it was a lovely bath.

Miss Patisserie Safari Bath Ball

The colours in this bath ball were a lovely surprise, especially as the exterior is purely monochrome. Do you like having a ‘surprise’ bath bomb where the colours aren’t what you expect at all??

The Safari bath ball can be found in store and online for £4.50 (let’s face it you aren’t really going to buy just one so you might as well fill a box with a selection right?? Or is that just us every time we go…!)

Have you tried the Safari bath ball? What’s your favourite bath product from Miss Patisserie?

L xxx

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