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If you didn’t know L and I are HUGE harry potter fans (my bunnies are even named after characters – Harry Hopper and Dumbledore) we’ve read the books multiple times and watched the films countless times. We’ve been on the studio tour a few times too and we’re planning another trip this year. You can see when we went on The Dark Arts tour here. When we discovered the company Storybook Cosmetics we both spent the next few weeks tagging each other in every post as we knew we’d both want all the products!! We’ve both got the eyeshadow palette on pre-order so I’m sure you’ll be seeing lots of that! The quill and liner set is what I’ve got my eye on next!


The first product that was released was the brushes that looks like wands, I instantly needed them! I was lucky and my OH said I could have them for Christmas! I wasn’t sure what to expect quality wise but when they arrived I was so impressed. They’re made from metal and are great quality, the brush heads themselves are really soft too and no shedding, nobody wants to finish their make up and be left with bristles on their face. I have to say I was hugely relieved they weren’t just style over substance.

The set I have is the original set but they’ve since redesigned the handles so they look different, they’re also releasing limited addition rose gold and gold sets which are stunning if you’re quick, details are all on their instagram. (@storybookcosmetics) The set includes an angled brush, slanted blending brush, blending brush, pencil brush and a flat shadow brush.

They are cruelty free as are all the products Storybook Cosmetics make which make them perfect for me. After they arrived (in a pretty velvet pouch!!) I didn’t use them for a while as they were too pretty but I’ve recently started using them. They’ve stayed in my handbag since I started using them – which is a good testament to them for me as I do my make up on the bus to work so all my favourites tend to stay in my bag! The blending brushes blend well and are so soft on the skin, the flat shadow brush has been one of my favourites as it’s great for packing on product!

Overall I’ve been so impressed with these, not only do they look amazing but they are great too! L and I have pre-ordered the wizardry and witchcraft palette, the colours are amazing and we can’t wait for it to arrive! They are also working to reduce their international shipping which is great news for us! We can’t wait to get more of the products.

Have you seen storybook cosmetics? Would you be tempted?

Love M


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  1. Alice Snell
    April 22, 2017 / 10:58 pm

    I've not heard of this brand before so it's nice to be introduced to them especially as they are a cruelty free brand. The brushes are so cute, very unique.AliceĀ | alicemaysnell

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