Make Up Revolution Rose Gold Chauffeur Lipstick

Hey all!

This post is loooooong over due! I’d like to formally introduce you to my current favourite lipstick.

That’s right, I have actually found a nude lipstick that I love, can wear to literally anything and that hasn’t left my handbag since I bought it.

Say hello to the Make Up Revolution Rose Gold Chauffeur Lipstick:

Make Up Revolution Lipstick Chauffeur

It’s no surprise it’s a nude colour, it’s that perfect combination of nude and pink for my skin tone and it’s so comfortable to wear. This is the Rose Gold version, there is also an Iconic Matte version too which is (quite obviously) the matte edition of the same shade.

I’m not really a matte kind of girl, I don’t get on with NYX Lingerie products because they are far too drying. I’ve always liked hydrating lipsticks (basically I used to be a wuss and would only wear sheer colours) but have recently tried to branch out, maybe the matte edition isn’t as drying as others I’ve tried – let me know in a comment or a tweet if you know!

However this one is a creamy high gloss lipstick that glides on, and it really does. Super fuss free just how I like it!

Make Up Revolution Lipstick Chauffeur

You can see how it looks below where I’ve shared two images of me wearing it:

Make Up Revolution Chauffeur Lipstick

Real Techniques Sponge

It’s glossy but not shiny and requires minimal thought to apply – I love wearing a red lip but they do need some prep and upkeep so for the most part lipsticks I don’t have to think about are the best!

Three other important points to note about these lipsticks:

1) They are cruelty free – hurrah!

2) They cost £3 each – woohoo!

3) They have five different shades in the same range – *runs to store*

I only bought two shades to begin with, Chauffeur and also Red Carpet (another amazing shade, will share soon) but the other three also look great.

I’ve recently picked up a *few* (cough 8) of their new Renaissance lipsticks too and I will absolutely be sharing this with you as soon as possible because they are stunning! See our Instagram for a few pictures and swatches because they’re the shizz.

Have you tried any lipsticks from MUR? What’s your favourite? Are you a nude/pink/red/darker lipstick fan?

Let me know your favourites!

L xxx

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