Milgi’s Cardiff – Review

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About 6 weeks ago I made the decision to try and lead a vegetarian lifestyle, I went completely cruelty free in all make up, beauty and home products I buy last year and decided it was time to try a vegetarian lifestyle too, it has been a discussion and debate for a while with C as we cook almost every meal from scratch and would mean a change to his diet or double the cooking for whoever was cooking that night. So when he went on his last work trip I decided to take the plunge so I could do it while he was away and then work his meals with meat into mine.

So far so good, being so terribly British I do hate being awkward so I currently eat meat at my OHs parents house but we probably only see them at theirs once every two months and I’m hoping within time I can stop this too but I hate for them to cook separate meals for me. Anyways enough background and onto today’s post.

Living in Cardiff means when choosing to eat out I’m pretty lucky, not only do most places have great vegetarian menus you also have fully vegetarian restaurants, I’d been to Milgis before (it’s on city road if you’ve never been) but only ever for cocktails, they have a yurt and sofa’s out the back what more could you want from a menu.

So when C got back from his trip I suggested a little trip there for food and we weren’t disappointed, they have a great range of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free dishes!

I struggled to decide but was won with the Caribbean Wholefood bowl, it was so tasty with Jerk Halloumi (can be done with Tofu for vegan options) sweet potato, pineapple salsa, coconut rice and more! I’m not one for mixing sweet and savory but this worked so well and the pineapple salsa was amazing.

C went for the sweet potato and ginger rosti with avocado and some potatas bravas, both were also delicious!

Milgi's Cardiff cocktails

As well as amazing cocktails (they make a great mojito) they have mocktails too including raspberry or elderflower lemonade. They also have specials which you can see above, this was sooooo good. It was pineapple, ginger, mint and coconut!

Milgi’s is now a firm favourite for drinks as well as food for me! (website here)

Have you tried it?

Love M


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  1. The Octopus Diaries
    May 8, 2017 / 10:09 am

    Love Milgi's too! Visited a couple of months ago for the first time, albeit I had been for cocktails before! The parsnip rosti with red onion jam, aioli and lovage oil was amazing! Completely agree on the cocktails and definitely heading back soon – just out of interest have you been to Anna Loka yet as on my 'to do' list?

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