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As part of our last styling society box we got to try out more of the Paul Mitchell Rare Marula Oil range and we were so excited. We’re huge fans of the Marula oil shampoo and conditioner and oil and you can find these reviews here.

As with all Paul Mitchell products we share these are Cruelty free which is a must for me these days. I love the packaging of the Rare Marula range as it’s so simple and sleek and looks great in the bathroom, I love that they’ve​ kept the colour scheme with this one.

On a side note the Rare Marula oil is still going strong even after I knocked the bottle over when I first got it, I use it at least once a week. What a bargain!!!

Marula Oil Styling Range

Marula Oil Styling Range

The new additions to the range include a hairspray, primer and styling cream. As I only wash my hair once a week (it’s taken my hair some training but it now doesn’t get greasy and makes my life so much easier!) Any product that extends the life of my curls is a must for me. 

Marula Oil Styling Range



The Rare Oil Perfecting hairspray is a lightweight, replenishing flexible hairspray and retails for £22.95.

I’ll be honest if I saw this without trying it I probably wouldn’t buy it as I would have thought it was expensive. Getting the chance to try it has totally changed my mind through.

It leaves my hair feeling so nice after using it and not at all crunchy but still holds the style. As I only wash my hair once a week (it’s taken lots of training my hair but it no longer gets greasy or dirty whoop!!) I don’t like hairspray that leaves it crunchy and dry as I like the option to switch up styles. This holds it in place and brushes out easily when needed without leaving dry knotty hair.

Marula Oil Styling Range

The primer is right up my street as anything that makes my style last longer is good, I tend to curl my hair when I wash it and then wear it curly for 4 days before putting it into plaits!

The extending primer retails for £29.95 and helps condition, protect and extend style.

I like this as like the hairspray it’s got a lightweight texture, I just spray this into wet hair pre styling. My hair doesn’t feel like it’s weighed down with product and does look shinier. 

Marula Oil Styling Range

The 3 in 1 styling cream is my favourite of the three. It retails for £29.95 and helps style, condition and treat the hair.

I love the texture of this, it’s a lightweight cream gel texture and is easily absorbed into the hair. Like the other two my hair doesn’t feel heavy or sticky after use. I love this as not only does it help fizz and hold style it leaves my hair feeling so soft.

My hair has been a bit dryer lately and this along with the Marula Oil Treatment has been really helping it.

Marula Oil Styling Range

The range also includes two new brushes as you can see above but we haven’t tried these. We love the rose gold Paul Mitchell brushes though. As I’m getting older I’m definitely appreciating the difference a good quality brush makes. I swear the cheap ones just tug my hair.

Have you tried any of the Rare Marula Range?

Love M


Marula Oil Styling Range

Hey all!

My views on these products are pretty similar to M’s, when opening up the box I was amazed at the products inside. We both adored the Rare Marula shampoo and conditioner and I’m sad that mine have now run out, but I still have the oil which I use once a week and it smells gorgeous.

I used the products one by one over the last few weeks, so I’ll start with the hairspray. I generally use hairspray to keep my curls as long as possible, my hair is naturally straight with a slight wave at the end so curling it looks great but doesn’t ever last. Anything that helps is a bonus so hairspray is a must!

This hairspray is SO LIGHT I didn’t think it was going to work, I couldn’t see how something that barely felt like it was anything on my hair could hold the hair style but it absolutely did. I can’t say that spending almost £23 on a hair spray had ever appealed to me before, but for this I can totally understand it. This would be worth the price tag to have hair that holds its style without feeling crispy nor does the product smell which is great!

Marula Oil Styling Range

The Extending Primer is another that feels really lightweight, not once when using these products did they overload my hair or make it feel greasy and coated.

The primer is a spray that mists onto your hair, I’ve been using it generally so with most hair washes and it’s left my hair feeling more polished. For example when drying my hair I feel like there is less frizz and less flyaways when using the primer. This is because it has a humidity resistant shield, which is a must in the weather in the UK! Where is summer?!

Marula Oil Styling Range

Lastly the 3 in 1 Styling Cream is a real multi-tasker, it smooths, fights frizz and seals split ends. It’s lightweight and helps with manageability so is perfect for all hair types.

We’ve been really impressed with all of these products, personally for me the hairspray was a favourite closely followed by the primer. I’d definitely recommend all of them to anyone looking for a new styling product, and it’s a bonus that they’re cruelty free!

Have you tried Rare Marula?

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