Spectrum Collections Event

Morning all!

If you’re a follower of our Instagram and Twitter accounts (@thecsigirls) you will have seen we were invited to the Spectrum Collection event in Cardiff last week,

It was my first time at the Tramshed so it was great to visit it and see the type of rooms it has to offer, we were in Tramshed Tech which was a gorgeous room. We were both instantly wowed on arrival and were suitably impressed all evening!

We have known about Spectrum for a long time, their brushes are pretty unique and extremely popular (especially on instagram!) but not only that the ladies who are behind the brand are actually two sisters from South Wales, from a town called Barry.

If you are familiar with the tv series Gavin and Stacey you will be familiar with Barry Island – otherwise known as Barrybados – and this is where the sisters began their brand in their garage. We have huge respect for them for doing this as it must have been such hard work in the beginning, but their designs are gorgeous and they’re so likeable!

We loved hearing from them all evening about how the brand started, grew and how it runs now. In fact hearing from them directly made us realise how similar we are to them, except me and M aren’t actually related! It was like watching one of our conversations when they were up on stage talking about make up, so we found them really relatable.



Spectrum Collections Event

On arrival we were given some pink champagne with flakes of gold in – clearly we were in for a treat all evening.

The room was decorated with flower bouquets unlike anything we have ever seen before! You will see what i mean when you scroll through the images in this post but seriously they were stunning! They were provided by the Urban Flower Studio and oh my, you absolutely have to purchase from them for an occasion. They don’t seem to have a website but you can find their Facebook page here, give it a like!

The room also had a variety of stations set up with different products from Spectrum Collections and also other brands that were there for the experience.



Both of us had seen the new Marbleous range advertised and were not disappointed – I’m due to have some money come into my account soon and I have a feeling I might be going back for these! They are any girls dream as they’re so pretty, but the Glam Clam is also a huge favourite which you can totally see why!

I’d definitely pick the colours below, the turquoise and pink are such a great combination and actually maybe I need to choose these?! Help!



We managed to see loads of our fellow bloggers at the event too which was really lovely. Although some of us see each other at events and regularly tweet/instagram etc it’s nice to see each other in person, and there were so many at the event it felt like a girls night in!

After a quick catch up we sat down and were taken through a full makeover from start to finish, with it being streamed live on Facebook. We picked up loads of tips from the make up artist and it was great to see her using cruelty free products for the whole look too.


Spectrum Collections Event

As well as this we were treated to a stand from Candy Kittens, who we’ve heard lots about but never tried before. 100% these sweets were SO TASTY and we would love to try more of their products, the kitten shaped sweets are gluten free and use natural colourings and flavourings. It’s actually a brand owned by Jamie Laing from Made in Chelsea!

We were also treated to a vegan buffet from Milgi’s. M has recently written a review of Milgi’s which you can find by clicking here, but this buffet was outstanding!




Honestly just look at it?!! How can you possibly complain about every meal needing meat/dairy etc when food looks this good??

It was amazing and I’ve been looking up similar recipes ever since. The cacao balls were a particular highlight and I absolutely need to have a secret stash of these at all times.

Dirty Martini were also there, and provided us with beautiful martinis topped with gorgeous flowers. Unfortunately I was driving but I had a sip and it was lovely, M was the worthy recipient of mine as usual haha!



We had such a great evening it might be the best event we have ever been to. The people there were so lovely and excited and genuinely happy to be there, so the vibe was great. The food and drink supplied was extremely welcome (we’re always alllll about the food and drink!) and of the highest standard so we were truly impressed. And that’s not even mentioning the brushes themselves, they look amazing and we were lucky enough to come away with some to try out for ourselves.

We’ll be sure to come back to you soon with a full review of them, in the meantime though how cool is this stag?! He was just casually rocking a blue look near the entrance to the room!


We had such a great time, thanks to Lowri for inviting us and for the Spectrum Collection ladies for such a fabulous event!

L xxx


  1. Jessica Kennedy
    May 30, 2017 / 9:57 am

    Loooove spectrum brushes! the event looks like so much fun, love the pink hair too!!! xxxxwww.jessicabkennedy.co.uk

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