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Hey all!

We’ve mentioned a few times recently that we’ve both gone vegetarian – for different reasons but we both enjoy food and cooking so much that we’ve fully embraced it and have been trying new recipes as well as new eateries.

The next on our list was Falafel Kitchen, found on Crwys Road in Cardiff.

It’s one of those places that I’ve probably driven past so many time and thought about going in but just haven’t. I’ve always loved vegetarian food so I really don’t know why but after we went for food there recently I know I’ll go back.

We looked at the menu, which is limited but has some daily specials on, and we knew we were going to order the mezze board to share. It had a great range of food to choose from and came with chips and warm pitta bread, so it was easy to share and gave us the best tasting options!

We’ve mentioned before that we love to share food so ordering platters is one of our favourite things!


When the food arrived we knew we’d made an excellent choice. The fries were crispy and perfectly cooked, the pitta breads were warm and really soft. We were also given small side plates to eat off where you could help yourself to a really great salad bar:

Falafel Kitchen Cardiff

If I had access to that salad bar every day I would definitely get my 5 a day! There’s such a variety of salad including lettuce, beetroot, salsa, olives, jalapenos and a variety of slaw type mixes, it was lush and we did pile our plates high (salad basically doesn’t count when it comes to calories right??)

However this does not compare to the main event – the platter of food that arrived was PERFECT and we got stuck in. There was an unknown amount of falafel (I swear they multiplied!), halloumi, vegetable spring rolls, marinated tofu, vine leaf parcels and probably a few ladles of houmous!


Falafel Kitchen Cardiff

It all tasted great, and if you’re vegan you can totally choose to swap the halloumi out for something else (we haven’t gone vegan yet!). They have a few other options including schnitzel, shawarma and a homemade chilli.

All of the food was really fresh and super tasty, the best part? This mezze was only £14, so £7 each and we were so full we actually didn’t finish it all. Like that never happens EVER!

So to recap: great food, healthy, tasty and great value, what’s not to love?! It even has a 5* rating on trip advisor so you know it’s good.

The only downside I can see is that the seating area is fairly small so they may struggle to seat a lot of people in an evening, I’d recommend seeing if you can book if there’s a large group.

Have you been to Falafel Kitchen? Have you tried many other vegetarian restaurants in Cardiff or South Wales? If you have suggestions please let us know, we’d love to try more!

L xxx

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