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We love festival style and we’ve been to Glastonbury in 2014 and 2016 and just loved all the make up and hair. When we didn’t get tickets this year we were gutted so we decided to have a night in at mine, play with our make up and drink cocktails and get C to take photos for us of the looks!

We love experimenting and decided this was the perfect excuse. (previous posts on hair here, top ten moments here and some makeup up from 2016 here!)

We’ve done the festivals, we’ve done five days without showers so we thought we’d share the make up we’d wear if we were there.

One thing we noticed with each year we do festivals is that as the festival goes on so does more make up and glitter, if you’re doing a festival without showers and a long one don’t put glitter in your hair on the first day as that is going to itch by day 5!! Save that for the last day, I think glitter also increases as you can’t get it all off with baby wipes and micellar water no matter how much you scrub!

Festival Make Up

These are some of our make up looks from previous festivals, the first year was floral crowns, coloured eyebrows and small amount of glitter, last year we upped it and if we went again we’d up it to the looks below.

Festival Make Up

The minimal glitter on the face look


Glitter on the face isn’t for everyone and after seeing some amazing body art I thought this look would be great for the first day, simple to do, normal make up, I still love a strong contour (I went for extra glow on the inner corner and cupids bow! I used the make up revolution awesome foil shadow which was amaing) ¬†then glitter all over the chest!I love this and it’s great for anyone who doesn’t want to start with glitter on the face. (all of my glitter is from ebay btw!) The cheek glow is from the gorgeous mariposa highlight from phee’s make up.


Also space buns are everywhere and look amazing with festival style make up and they’re perfect for keeping your hair out of your face and disguising the grease!

The tribal style look

Festival make up tribal inspired

This was an unplanned last minute look for me and turned out my favourite of the look, it’s so simple to do, I borrowed L’s white liquid liner from nyx to do winged liner and the detail ( I also have it in black and red and it’s amazing, shoved yellow under the eyes and a ton of glitter (the best thing about festivals if you can disguise the lack of sleep and eye bags and pile on the glitter!

festival make up tribal inspired glitter

Before a festival I always curl my hair as I think it stays looking cleaner for longer and is easier to do stuff with, this look would look great on the second day as curls have dropped and the hair has texture.

The stars on the eyes  look

Festival glitter make up

This one I wanted to use the stars to cover all of my eyes and freckles, for festivals L and I tended to opt to press glitter into the skin rather than use glue as when you’re there for days it’s kinder on the skin, this look definitely would have benefited from glue on the lids to stick them better, this would look amazing all over the lids. I would apply winged liner first too, I tried to do it after, this is all learning experiences.

festival glitter make up

and in true festival style a floral crown, I love this one as you can tuck your hair around it to get it out of your hair like this tutorial here. I also opted for a black lip, I used urban decay 24/7 perversion liner as it’s not drying and put phee’s make up shop in cyptic on top.

The all the glitter fell on my face and hair as it’s my last day look

festival make up glitter braids

I love glitter and braids, I did the glitter parting on the last day of glastonbury last year, I just add a bit of hairspray and sprinkle glitter in, braids like this are great to get the hair out of the face.

festival glitter make up

I love all the high light, glitter and glow and used a mixture of phee’s highlights, these are such good quailty, and we love them (you can see them here) and urban decay palettes with some moondust packed on top for the eyes. I decided on a purple lip using the NYX liquid suede in subversive socialite. I love this colour and it’s great for festivals.

festival glitter make up

The Super Easy Gold Leaf look:


Festival Make Up


As the name suggests, this involves using some gold leaf around the eye area. I bought a packet of 12 pots of gold leaf and didn’t use a whole pot for this look, it was super easy and it stuck to the make up that was already on my face without any issues. You would probably want to use some kind of glue for it to stay all day though – festivals are pretty messy! Looking back I’d definitely add more – I was too reserved! Although this would be a great starter for anyone who hasn’t tried a festival look before and much easier to remove than glitter.

I used the Morphe Brushes Bronzed Mocha palette and NYX Matte Liquid Liner with NYX Liquid Suede in Soft Spoken for my other make up.

Also, I love a bun on top of the head – great save for those of us with long hair!

This one is a white, black and red glitter mix – I basically threw it over my face and made sure it covered my eye lids, under eyes and across the top of my forehead for full effect. If I did this again I’d probably add in some silver just to make it shine even more.

I also added a whoooooole load of Luna highlighter to my cheekbones and a red lip with one of the Make Up Revolution Renaissance lipsticks, I think it was Restore.

My hair was braided back for me in this look, this was a lifesaver at Glastonbury when we went before! I’m useless at doing these on my own head so M has to help me but it’s perfect for looking good and keeping all your hair off your face – especially when you’re on day 4/5 and it’s looking slick!

Festival Make Up


This was so much fun and I think we would both like to do it again!!

Let us know which one is your favourite!

L and M xxx


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