Porro Wellfield Road – Cardiff

Good morning all!

Isn’t the weather glorious??? We’ve been so lucky this week with some real sunshine, I hope it’s going to stick around.

On Tuesday we were invited to try out the new menu at Porro on Wellfield Road in Cardiff. We’ve previously been to their other branch in Llandaff for a different blogger event but never been to this restaurant, so we couldn’t wait.

Porro Wellfield Road

The outdoor area to the back of the restaurant was amazing, especially in the sunshine. We could both imagine sitting here for hours with a few drinks and chatting the time away. It was like we were on holiday!

It was set up with loads of little tables and comfy chairs, each table had a bottle of water and some olives, as well as some gorgeous flowers – it definitely felt like I was back in Italy on as holiday somewhere, I wish the weather was always as good as this!

Porro Wellfield Road


We had a quick browse of the menu before the food began arriving, and we were so impressed. The bruschetta were the first to be placed on our table and they were gorgeous – all the salad was super fresh and the mozzarella was very tasty.

Porro Wellfield Road

Porro Wellfield Road

Next we had some Moroccan lamb drizzled with a yogurt dressing, the bread this was on was so so tasty! I could have gone back for more but knew I had to restrain myself for other dishes…

One of Porro’s signature dishes is braised Welsh ox cheek pappardelle with parmesan, we have had this previously at Christmas time in the Llandaff Porro and it was amazing We didn’t have any this time because we are both currently trying to be vegetarian but we can recommend! The meat is very tender and the pasta was excellent.

Porro Wellfield Road

Porro Wellfield Road

We were also treated to some fresh bread with olives and tomatoes in (this might have been my favourite!). It was so fresh and soft, it came with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and a butter bean mash, we all really enjoyed this as it was so simple but very tasty!

We were all feeling quite full at this point but then out came some Fritto Misto – beer battered fish with lemon and aioli. We weren’t expecting something like this but it was so so tasty, the fish were perfectly cooked (including the calamari) and the dip was really moreish.



Then we were treated to a pizza topped with tender stem broccoli and anchovies. I’ve had broccoli on a pizza before and loved it, but this was definitely better!

The base and the sauce were really fresh and you could tell, it was really tasty and might be one of the best we’ve tried.


Last but not least was the Puglian buratta with shaved fennel, dried Datterini tomatoes and parmesan. This is essentially a big ball of super creamy cheese, the inside is almost just like cream and if you like cheese you will absolutely love it! It’s very filling as we have tried this previously too, but we were both very excited to see it again and started tucking into it straight away!

Porro Wellfield Road



The general atmosphere of the event was really lovely, lots of people chatting and enjoying the food and I can imagine spending a lot of time here over the summer. I was driving on the day but Mia did have a few glasses of the prosecco and wine they had on offer and it seemed to go down well!

I didn’t look but there must be a few cocktails on their menu and I could quite happily work my way through their offerings on a day like this!




I mean, can’t you always tell somewhere is going to be nice by the bathroom tiles???

We were really impressed with the menu at Porro and will definitely be back. If anyone is looking for good quality, fresh food for any occasion this is definitely one to try.

Have you been to either of the restaurants? What was your favourite meal??

L xxx

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  1. Jamie | Explore With Ed
    June 18, 2017 / 8:43 pm

    I was pretty impressed too, lovely menu. It was nice to see you both as well! 🙂

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