Day Trip to Exeter

Hey all!

I’ve decided to get a post up last minute today because I’ve been working through editing photos and writing content and felt inspired. It’s nice to feel productive and start ticking things off a list isn’t it??

I went to Devon recently for a staycation and I’ll be sharing a full post with some pictures from my trip soon. During our stay we didn’t have great weather at all, so me and my mum went in to Exeter one day for some shopping!


Neither of us had been to Exeter before so we wandered around for a bit to get our bearings. Our first stop was obviously to go and see the cathedral, so we snuck down an alleyway to find it. These looked a lot like those you’d see in Diagon Alley in Harry Potter, I heard that they used them as inspiration for the films so it was good to see them on the way through.

The cathedral itself is pretty impressive:



We didn’t go in fully because it was very busy and we didn’t really have the time, we needed some retail therapy and wandered through many shops on our way around.

We stopped off at Giraffe for some lunch so I had the veggie breakfast. It was really really good and the fritters were so tasty! My mum had a chicken and bacon sandwich and then we proceeded to shop.

We went to Primark and had a really long rummage through the rails and looked at the clothes, accessories and home stuff.


I managed to find the most amazing bags there, the black handbag is a current favourite of mine and you might have seen it a few times in some flatlays on instagram recently! I love the swallow detail on it, it’s simple but a bit different too

Also how amazing is the shopper bag?! Chillin like a villain!!

I love Disney as much as everyone else and Primark’s range is normally amazing, but their Disney villains one is a personal favourite of mine!


We also went into Zara and I picked up some of my favourite new perfumes and a few tops, I love their basic range and finally picked up some of their t-shirts. I bought 2 of their normal t-shirts in black and a navy and white stripe, I’m so pleased they are long enough. Finding basic tshirts that are long enough on someone who’s taller than average can be quite difficult!

Have you been shopping in Exeter before? Have you taken advantage of the Primark Disney offerings??

L xxx

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