Miss Patisserie Coral Bay Dry Body Oil

Have you ever used a dry body oil before?

I’m not really someone who uses body moisturisers or oils very often….I definitely should but I’m always lazy when I know I should put some on my heels and knees. 

Last year I bought the Miss Patisserie Dotty Box (review here) to try a few products at one time. I knew I loved the Coral Bay scent so choosing that box was easy, what I didn’t know what how much i was about to absolutely love a product that I thought I would hate!

The Coral Bay Dry Body Oil is one of four different scents, the others are Daisy Chain, Tonka Bean and Peony and Pear.

These products are all cruelty free, paraben free and also vegan, so they tick a lot of boxes for us.

The oils are based on Rice Bran oil which contains a high amount of Vitamin E, Jojoba oil which contains zinc and selenium amongst other minerals, and Shea Butter which is very well known for it’s hydrating benefits.

Miss Patisserie Coral Bay Dry Body Oil

Miss Patisserie Coral Bay Dry Body Oil

The Coral Bay scent is based on sea salt, water lily and musk body oil and it’s perfect for me. It’s not overwhelming at all and after I’ve put it on my skin smells amazing and I find myself sniffing my arm whilst sat at my desk in work!

I’ve had the travel size for the last year and I’ve used it regularly but it has only just run out. A little goes a long way with it and my skin soaks it all up.

I’ve sprayed this onto my legs and arms before a night out as an extra bit of hydration but also to give my skin a lovely finish, it doesn’t feel greasy at all and to be honest I’m obsessed with it.

Miss Patisserie Coral Bay Dry Body Oil

Miss Patisserie Coral Bay Dry Body Oil

I have since repurchased this full size (200ml) for £14 and have decanted some into the travel size so I don’t ever have to be without it. It smells that good!

For me to be this hooked on a body care product is a big deal, and I know i need to get back to Miss Patisserie and pick up everything else in this scent as it’s gorgeous!!

I always have one of the Coral Bay bath balls on hand, I just can’t live without them and they are truly my ‘happy scent’. I’d be gutted if they ever stopped stocking them!!

Miss Patisserie Coral Bay Dry Body Oil

What are your thoughts on body oils? Are you good at hydrating your skin after a bath or shower?

What’s your favourite scent from Miss Patisserie??

L xxx

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