Camelbak Forge: The Ultimate Leak Proof Travel Mug

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A bit of a different thing to share today but I’ve spent ages searching for a travel coffee mug that doesn’t leak and this one is so good I had to share.

My commute to work involves a 30 minute walk then bus, I like to have my coffee on the bus so I’m always searching for a travel mug I can shove in my handbag and not have to worry about leaking over everything, until recently I had to ensure it was always stood upright but when I was introduced to the Camelbak forge all that change, a mug that’s actually leakproof!

Camelbak is a brand I love, I have the eddy in 1L which I love and you’ll find in my handbag at all times, I recommended it to a friend last year as it was one of the first water bottles I found that didn’t leak, I don’t know why I didn’t think to look for a travel mug from them but it didn’t cross my mind, when visiting the same friend a few weeks back she was loading the forge into her dishwasher, 5 minutes later one was in my amazon basket and arrived the next day!

This travel mug isn’t the cheapest but can be picked up on Amazon for less than the RRP if you’re not too particular over the colour. mine just so happens to match my Eddy, a happy coincidence. I wouldn’t try another now and have had no coffee leakage since getting it!

Camelbak Forge Travel Mug

Camelbak Forge Travel Mug

The forge has too options, you can press the button in to sip from it and keep it warmer for longer or for continuous drinking press the top button down like the first photo to hold it open. It’s simple to use and easy to clean too, some coffee mugs have layers you can’t easily access to clean but with this you can release the lever and easily clean all parts.

As I’ve found with all travel mugs this is no exception, it does know have a coffee taint, I find all my coffee travel mugs have had this, I’m debating getting a second one for tea!


Casually enjoying my coffee whilst enjoying the views of the bay!

Do you commute? Do you find travel mugs that leak annoying?

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