The Body Shop – Seaweed Gel Cream and Clay Mask

You may have seen our recent posts on the skincare ranges from The Body Shop, we’ve shared from the Drops of Youth range and some of their Camomile cleansers.

Today I wanted to share with you some of the products from the Seaweed range. I’ve always had an oily t-zone so for me, finding a hydrating moisturiser that doesn’t cause my skin to become nice and shiny by 11am is key. I did pick up some of the Tea Tree range to help but it turns out that isn’t the most ideal range for me, and what I needed was the Seaweed range.

So when I went to one of their outlet stores recently I decided to try the Oil Control Gel Cream and the Oil Balancing Clay Mask. I’ve been using them recently and although I would normally spend  a few weeks using them these have been an instant decision.

The Oil Control Gel Cream is a lightweight moisturiser to help balance oil to leave a shine free complexion and help control the excess sebum.

It contains mineral rich seaweed from Roaring Water Bay in Ireland, I like that they have used fairly local ingredients in their products. You can tell just by looking at the images below how light the gel cream is, and on application to my skin it soaks in leaving a matte finish but doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight either.

The Body Shop Seaweed Range

The Body Shop Seaweed Range

I’ve used a similar product to this for a little while now and I was sad to find out that the product was made by a company who agree to test on animals for countries such a China.

This has been a GREAT find as it means I can fully swap out the other product for this one and save myself some money in the process as it was more expensive.

The Body Shop Seaweed Range

This Gel Cream has been great at helping to control the shine but still hydrate my skin and is perfect for day wear to work. I can see myself repurchasing this again in future knowing it will solve my daily skin problems

Massive thumbs up from me!

My other purchase was the Oil Balancing Clay Mask. I’ve bought and tested a fair few face masks over the last few years and couldn’t wait to try another that was going to help my oily skin.

I try and use a mask to help oily skin once per week but that normally means once per fortnight. This mask was super easy to use and felt cooling on my skin, I applied it and you are supposed to wait for 10 minutes before washing off. I didn’t do this because I got distracted and probably left it for more like 40 minutes (oops!) but can confirm there weren’t any adverse reactions.

The Body Shop Seaweed Range

This mask is one that dries, so talking (and eating…) does become difficult over time and at the end I was glad to get it off my face! However once this was washed off my skin felt very clean and smooth and oil free, so it is definitely worth it. I can mostly keep my oily skin under control but using a mask such as this every now and then really seems to help and I can 100% recommend this to anyone with similar skin.

One thing I needed to consider for both of these products was if it affected the other parts of my skin which can be dehydrated, but it didn’t have any negative effects. I use the gel cream in the morning but use a more hydrating and heavier product for night, so haven’t had any issues at all. That said, I don’t think you’d have any problems using it day and night either if you needed to, so a winner all around!

Have you tried anything from the Seaweed range? What’s your favourite Body Shop product?

There are 7 products in the Seaweed range altogether so there is a good range to help keep skin matte and controlled throughout the day.

The Oil Control Gel Cream costs £13 for 50ml, and the Oil Balancing Clay Mask is £11 for 100ml.

L xxx


  1. Yasmin Blackwell
    August 5, 2017 / 9:31 am

    Gorgeous photos and the products sound amazing!Thank you for the review :)

  2. Itsallzara
    October 20, 2017 / 6:29 am

    I just recently got some of their seaweed products and my acne has vanished! I may need to try their face mask because it might help with my oil production on my skin but their seaweed collection is fantastic! Great post lovely and the photos are so well done

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