Zero Degrees Beer Tasting and Food

Hi all!

Recently we were both invited to Zero Degrees in Cardiff for an evening of beer tasting and food, we’ve both been before on random occasions for the odd drink but not for a meal and drinks so this was a great opportunity and we were really looking forward to it.

Zero Degrees

On arrival we were taken straight to the bar and were taken through the different beers they have on offer.

M likes beer and drinks it fairly regularly, on the other hand I have never drunk beer – I’ve never found one that I like so it was an interesting experience for me!

As always we shared all the tasters to try some of each others so we could taste all of them.
I loved this as L said above I’m a big beer fan!

We were given a total of 6 different beers each, mine ranged through the following:

  • Light Mexican tequila lager with lime 5.3% – surprisingly refreshing!
  • Mango ale 4.1% – summery and almost like a cider
  • Pilsner 4.8% – fizzy and easy to drink
  • Cherry lambic 6% – this one had a different fermentation process so that was interesting to hear about
  • Lemongrass 5.7% – light citrusy beer
  • Urban lager 8% – the strongest of the lot!

Mia’s included a range of beers including a stout and a blackcurrant beer.

  • Black Lager 4.6% – I love stout and this was the nearest to it, it had the dark flavours of a stout like coffee and chocolate and what delicious!
  • Wheat Ale 4.2% – I also love a wheatbeer, this was great, it was full of flavour and light and easy to drink.
  • Pale Ale 4.6% – This was probably slightly too hoppy for me but I can imagine this being a firm favourite! 
  • Blackcurrant – This was a favourite with L, it was easy to drink but the blackcurrent whilst there didn’t overpower the beer flavour itself
  • Cherry Lambic – this was my favourite, I love Fruli and this was as easy to drink as that, cherry flavour but not artifical and you could still taste the beer through it!
  • Urban Lager – this is dangerous!! Only sold in half pints for a reason!

Zero Degrees

Zero Degrees

Once we had gone through them all we could choose one to have with our food – I couldn’t choose between two so I went with a 1/2 pint of the Mexican tequila lager and 1/2 pint of the Blackcurrant beer so this was perfect for me – I’ve genuinely never drunk this much beer before! It was a great opportunity for me to learn more about beer and try a variety of them, I know now that next time I can order a beer when I’m out and I’ll know exactly which one to get.

M had the Cherry Lambic! It was so easy to drink and perfect summer beer, even if you’re not a cherry fan I would still recommend this, it perfectly compliments the beer flavour and isn’t overly powerful in the fruit flavours.

Zero Degrees

Zero Degrees

Then we were treated to some food, we ordered a starter to share and then a pizza and a salad – we always share our food much to waitress’ amusement!

We ordered the crispy fried calamari rings with sweet chilli sauce to start. These were really tasty and they didn’t last long at all!

Our first main was the Goat’s Cheese salad:

Cherry tomatoes, olives, lettuce, cucumber, avocado, almonds and warm goat’s cheese, served on toasted French bread and drizzled with basil dressing

Zero Degrees

It was really tasty and the warm goat’s cheese was really moreish, and the salad was perfectly prepared.

Then we shared the Athena pizza – baby spinach, feta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, olives and tomato sauce with a drizzle of lemon juice. You could tell these ingredients were really fresh, and the pizza was perfectly cooked.

Zero Degrees

Then we ordered dessert. I mean we had to try every course right??

There was only one real option, the pecan pie with salted caramel pizza topped with ice cream. Drool over this:

Zero Degrees

Zero Degrees

Definitely worthy of ordering, it was a great end to a feast of food and we know exactly where we will be going for pizza from now on!


Have you been to Zero Degrees and tried their beers and pizza?

What’s your favourite beer?

We’d definitely recommend going, it’s perfect for weekday catch ups, weekend dates and has a big enough space to reserve for bigger events like birthdays and Christmas.

L and M xxx

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