How to Pack Beauty Products with Airline Limits – Cruelty Free

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Twice this year I’ve traveled to Edinburgh from Cardiff and flown, the biggest challenge I find is getting all the products I want whilst sticking to the 10 x 100ml airline limits. Of course as with all of my posts all these travel products I use are cruelty free too!

I’m a huge skincare fan so limiting that and my make up I find the biggest struggle. You’ll notice in my list I don’t include shampoo, conditioner or shower gel. For me if its under 4 days I wouldn’t wash my hair and I use products in places I’m staying for showering as I’m not particular about shower gel.

To get around the 10 liquids limit I further reduce products by using Lush Toothy tabs and Mouthwash Tabs, these are perfect for travel and are easy to use. ( you can find full reviews of them here and here) I also use talc as dry shampoo, as you also can’t take sprays. For perfume I take a solid lush perfume and lastly I use a solid cleanser from Miss Patiserrie, L loves Coconut and I love Charcoal again these have been reviewed in full here and here.

How to Pack Beauty Products with Airline Limits - Cruelty Free

Whether it’s a short sun holiday or a winter break good skincare takes up a lot of items for me.

I love the Antipodes Manuka Honey Eye Cream and Avocado Pear Nourishing Night cream, although these are glass and not ideal for travel (you can decant into more travel friendly containers!) I take these as they are super nourishing. they help my skin after a flight has dried it out, or if I have been in the sun to give it moisture back. (reviews here and here)

For Day skincare I use the eye cream again and I use the Neal’s Yard Remedies Wild Rose Facial SPF, I’ve been using this for a while now and use it everyday, it’s perfect for sun as in Bali it prevented me burning but I wear it all year to give myself SPF protection.

Lastly for skincare I can’t be without a toner, Lush breath of fresh air is one of my favourite, my skin loves toners and this is great as you just spray it on the skin, if it’s a hot break I’m packing for this is also perfect to cool me down. (full review here)

Deodorant is something I can’t get on with solid one’s I have tried one lush one and it was ok but my favourite is the Dr Organic’s Tea Tree Deodorant.

For haircare I take my Rare Marula Oil something like this is a great all rounder, it can be used to help protect hair as well as used on the skin. We are huge fans of this!

For make up I limit myself on liquids and pick a foundation, mascara, concealer. I don’t tend to take a liquid liner as it’s extra liquids and I’d have to leave something else behind!!

I love Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation  as this is a great all rounder and if you want more coverage for an evening I use a powder to gain this! (reviewed here)

Top Tips

  • use solid products where possible
  • plan to use products provided by accomodation
  • share products if possible!

Have you been away anywhere recently? What products are your must haves for travelling?

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