Healthy Vegetarian and Vegan, Quick and Easy Meal Ideas

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The past few weeks have been so busy and I wanted to share my latest favourite vegetarian and vegan cookbooks with you.

I went vegetarian around March time, I eat the occasional fish so technically I guess I’m pescatarian but I would like to cut that out too. Me and my OH used to eat a lot of vegetarian meals in the house and always made curries, chillies and Mexican dishes vegetarian so I wanted a bit more inspiration for more meal ideas that would be health and easy to do!

My OH doesn’t really eat dairy so I decided to grab some vegan cookbooks as it would be easy to cook for the two of us and grabbed the hairy dieters one as I’ve loved their others and I need to lose some weight.

vegetarian and vegan cookbook review

The first one I picked up was the Niomi Smart Eat Smart book, this is a plant based diet book with loads of ideas. Niomi looks amazing and always shares amazing food so I couldn’t wait to try these. We’ve tried a few recipes now and they’ve all been tasty and really easy recipes to follow. The ‘meatballs’ recipe is amazing and gives such a meaty texture so great if you’re feeding meat eaters too. There are some great alternatives like pastry made from sweet potato and great winter warmers like a sweet corn chowder. Also the photography in this is beautiful.

vegetarian and vegan cookbook review

The Hairy Dieters Go Veggie book was one I had on pre order as I’ve loved their other books for finding healthier recipe alternatives, we’ve done an amazing curry from this so far and we are cooking up some risottos this week. I love so many of the ideas in here.

vegetarian and vegan cookbook review

The last one I’ve not used as much yet is Vegan on the Go , but there are a load of recipes I can’t wait to try and they look pretty simple. The polenta below looks so good!

vegetarian and vegan cookbook review

I’ve been loving cooking from these so far and having more inspiration? Are you vegetarian? Do you have any recommendations?

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