Laguna Health Spa – ESPA Optimal Skin Profacial Treatment

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I’m sure you’ve seen M’s post on her amazing ESPA Body Wrap so I’d like to share with you my thoughts on the ESPA Optimal Skin Profacial Treatment that I had when I visited the Laguna Health Club.

We both love a good spa treatment and knowing the new treatments at Laguna used cruelty free products from ESPA we were looking forward to visiting again.

The day I had my facial was really busy and a bit stressful, I was worried I wouldn’t get through the traffic in time or get a parking space to get to my appointment. Luckily I did and on arrival I instantly felt better, there’s something about the aromas in a spa!

I filled out a quick health form and was then taken to the treatment room, which smelled amazing!! My therapist was lovely and explained the scent was a combination of all the products she’d used throughout the day but it was so relaxing and I knew then I was going to be able to enjoy the treatment and forget the stresses of the day.

Laguna Spa ESPA Facial

I had chosen the Optimal Skin Profacial Treatment which had a duration of 55 minutes and costs £55. It’s designed to rebalance, hydrate and revitalise. It includes a skin assessment plus Tri-Phase cleansing technology enhanced with Clarisonic brushing for a deep cleanse, and new optimal ProMoisturiser to deliver hydration and nutrients to target areas of your skin.

The treatment will also help protect against environmental damage and delay the early signs of skin ageing so I was very hopeful!

I knew it was going to be ideal for me with combination skin, I still have an oily T-zone but my skin needs so much hydration that it can be hard to balance them out. At the age of 29 I am trying to keep all the wrinkles from forming

Laguna Spa ESPA Facial

Once the therapist had talked me through a few things I was told to undress and get comfortable on the table. After removing my make up she performed a quick skin analysis on me using a bluelight which was really interesting. I’ve copied a link (click here) where you can see an image of the face with different colours for different results so you can see what I’m referring to.

I had a few small spots of oil on my t-zone, the rest of my skin was normal and my eye area was very dehydrated. I’ve always known this as I struggle to wear contact lenses for long so I knew the skin would need some extra help.

With this confirmed she began to perform the facial. I won’t go into too much detail as I wouldn’t want to ruin anything for anyone having it in future, but there were a few stages of cleansing using hot cloths and scrubs, rebalancing with serums and then a hefty pack of hydration with moisturisers and masks. 

Laguna Spa ESPA Facial

Whilst the masks were on I was treated to a variety of massages including scalp and neck/shoulders so by the time it finished I was very comfortable and didn’t want to leave! 

Luckily I could sit in the relaxation room for a little while, which is a lovely quiet and darkened room for you to relax and gather your thoughts. I wasn’t given a robe for my treatment so I did feel a little out of place sat here in my clothes, but that’s a fairly small detail!

Laguna Spa ESPA Facial

Laguna Spa ESPA Facial

Upon leaving I was also given a brochure with all of the products from ESPA and the products that had been used on me were ticked, so I could refer back to them in future and purchase any which I thought were particularly good. I’m keeping this list handy as I love trying out new skincare and they also have gift sets, so now I know what products were used on me I can make recommendations and buy gifts too!

You can find the new brochure here, they have some really great treatments and I’m currently choosing which to try next! It’s my 30th next year so I’m planning on having a pamper day to celebrate!

Laguna Spa ESPA Facial

Overall the treatment was lovely. The room was clean and smelled amazing, the therapist was lovely and polite and knew exactly what she was doing, and the products were great as my skin felt really good afterwards.

If you have this treatment you get the option of having the hair/scalp massage, if you choose to have this you will need to wash your hair afterwards as they do put some product through it so I wouldn’t recommend choosing this part if you are planning on going elsewhere straight after the treatment! But if you aren’t, I’d ALWAYS recommend the scalp massage, they are glorious!

Have you been to Laguna Health Spa before? Have you tried any of the ESPA facials?

We are huge fans of the spa and been lucky enough to visit a few times now, they are always friendly and professional and we always recommend them to anyone looking for a spa day and pamper, especially as they’re cruelty free!

L xxx

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