Lush Spa Cardiff: Christmas 2017

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As you’ve probably guessed by now if you’re regular readers of the blog we love Lush, (here is our lush tag to check out past Lush posts!) so when we got invited to see the Lush Christmas range of course we headed to the store to try out the new bits!

Lush had some great new additions to the Christmas range such as the Golden pear and Saucy snowcake as well as returning some now cult favourites such as snow fairy and a personal favourite of mine Christingle.


One of my favourite new additions was the naked packaging Lush has introduced, since going cruelty free I’ve been making my home more eco friendly too (expect a post on this when I get time to take photos in day light! arrgh winter!) so seeing these I couldn’t wait to try them out. Lush as also moving forward with things like this and encouraging recycling which I love to see. Off course bathbombs etc have always been packaging free but it’s great to see the shower gels and body conditioners moving this way too!




Of course we got to make some pretty bath bomb art too! I love the sinks in lush for testing out bath bombs! I’m currently purchasing my first home and at the moment it doesn’t have a bath so I’ve had to resist picking these festive specials up!


Lush Spa Cardiff Christmas 2017

We then had a skin consultation, not going to lie I’ve tried the majority of lush face masks now and I think the only exception is the Don’t look at me which you can see above. We were shown oatifix as well which L was totally sold on and I know why as it’s one of my favourites too!



We got samples of aqua marina to try try as the lovely lady showing us round told us it was a grower and we’d fall in love with it!


Here you can see once upon a time which is another naked packaging product and is a body lotion, these just melt into the skin! With packaging free stuff I keep a black box and if I travel I cut a bit of the products I want and put them in the tub, saves space and liquid allowance if travelling hand luggage only (you can see my post on beauty travel products here!)




We also got to see the Tales of Bath treatment too, this is the one I’ve been eyeing up next and as I now won’t have a bath just seems perfect! You get a giant bath bomb and a massage and it seems the most relaxing treatment, I really love the lush spa you can see my treatment review here.





The decor in the spa is total home goals and is all refurbished finds from charity shops etc. I love how rustic it always feels!





How cute is the Man in the Moon bubble bar, I’m always slightly put off by yellow bath products though! This does smell amazing though and has a sweet lime scent as always with lush bubble bars creates amazing bubbles!



We were treated to some goodies and of course we picked up a few bits ourselves you’ll see appear soon, I love that they use knot wraps, I love these for my hair but they are also great to reuse as wrapping gifts!

I can’t wait to try my solid shower gel, I currently using up a snowman shower jelly then it’ll be in the shower, the solid lip scrub smells amazing and is another great idea! I’m going to take the Christmas eve bubble bar home to parents to enjoy on Christmas eve to relax and get me in the mood!

What are your Christmas Lush favourites?

Love M



  1. Heather McLeish
    November 15, 2017 / 9:43 pm

    Some good photos, seems like yous had a fab time! This reminds me I really need to get a Lush haul in soon, ran out of bath bombs! Definitely need to try Man on the Moon though, such lovely colours and sounds amazing!Heather xox ||

  2. Jessica Kennedy
    November 16, 2017 / 9:05 am

    I LOVE the naked packaging idea, so cool! xxx

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