The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum in Oil

Hello everyone!

It has been a super busy few weeks for the both of us so unfortunately we’ve been lacking in new posts. But life happens and we’ve been battling illness, new houses, crazy work schedules and general Christmas festivities…

But were hoping December is going to be the best month yet! 

I’ve mentioned a few times about the issues with my skin and with the colder weather, indoor heating and the flu my skin has been so dry and I’ve been looking at some new products to see if I can find anything to help. My first port of call was The Body Shop!

I’ve never been disappointed with any of their products so far so when I picked this up on a recent spree I had high hopes for it.

The Vitamin E range is one I’ve not tried many products from but it is loved by many because it’s so good for sensitive skin. Mine has certainly been sensitive recently and when in doubt I always go for a range like this to make sure my skin doesn’t react any further. So after browsing I settled on the Serum in Oil and have been using it regularly the last few months.

The Body Shop Vitamin E

TBS claim this is a lightweight, non greasy, serum in oil  to help replenish and recharge skin overnight with hydration. It contains vitamin E, community trade sesame seed oil and wheatgerm oil for 8 hours of moisturisation.

It’s designed to be used after cleansing and toning, and followed with your usual moisturiser.

The Body Shop Vitamin E

I’ve been using this on days where either my skin really NEEDS the extra hydration or when I’m feeling lazy….it’s great for adding the extra hit of moisture and my skin soaks its up. It’s lightweight but I don’t think I’d say it was non-greasy. I do have a layer on my skin that lasts a long time and there’s no way I could use it any other time unless it was the end of my day.

However as an overnight product this isn’t really an issue for me and it isn’t as heavy as other oils. I really like it and I’d recommend to anyone who like me loves oil products and also has never tried them before either.

The Body Shop Vitamin E

I don’t really measure how much I use as my skin can change, I use as many drops are required so my skin is fully covered. It has lasted me quite a while so far and I’m interested in trying out more products from the Vitamin E range now I know what they are like.

The Body Shop Vitamin E

The Overnight Serum in Oil costs £16 for 28ml which I think is quite reasonable for an oil of this standard. As always with products from The Body Shop there are always great offers on the products themselves and with their points card, we always recommend getting one of these as they’re really worth it!

Have you tried the Overnight Serum in Oil? Have you tried many products from the Vitamin E range?

What is your favourite product from The Body Shop? I want to try some of the masks soon, I’ve heard such great things!

L xxx

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  1. Lizzie Gines
    December 7, 2017 / 9:20 pm

    Ooh, this definitely sounds quite interesting! I've had pretty dry skin recently too so this sounds perfect for me – I'll have to have a look the next time I'm in The Body Shop! Great review. xLizzie |

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