Easy Ways to Switch to an Eco Friendly Cruelty Free Home

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So you’ll have heard us mention many times on the blog now that I’m totally cruelty free in all I use and L is moving that way too. I initally started with make up and it took me a while to even think about all the products in the home and find suitable alternatives for these too!

We’ve shared many posts on cruelty free products that you can find here. What I initially found hardest to find was deodorant and toothpaste which I’ve shared here.

In switching our home to a cruelty free home we’ve also made the decision to switch to more eco friendly alternative products too so I thought I’d share what we’ve been using now and what we’ve found to be the best products, and also the cheapest as sometimes making these desicions does lead to a cost impact. 

Eco Cruelty Free Home Alternatives

So what brands have we been turning to:

  • Ecover
  • Method
  • CO-OP

Eco Cruelty Free Home Alternatives

CO-OP was the first place we turned to when we realised how many products were tested on animals that we hadn’t even considered. All products in co-op are leaping bunny certified and the one above is also vegan friendly. Co-op are great for their labelling of products, are certified and in general have a great approach to things in my opinon. We have found they were easy to get things like loo rolls and washing up liquid as well as baby wipes (which I’ll be moving away from soon!).  They are our option of an easy to find home product that is cruelty free.

Eco Cruelty Free Home Alternatives

The next brand we moved to is Method. They use recycled plastic in their packaging and have researched so it can be recycled again, they also offer refills for their hand soap, dish soap and washing liquid to reduce waste as much as possible. They have a wide range of cleaning products available and we’ve easily found them in supermarkets and stock up when they are on offer. The cleaning products work great too, we’ve tried the kitchen, anti-bac, shower daily cleaner and hand soaps. They also use biodegradable ingredients that are safe for people and animals as well as being non- toxic.

Eco Cruelty Free Home Alternatives

Next up is Ecover who have actually done a merge with Method to produce an awesome company, both are still brands in their own rights though. Ecover as certified leaping bunny friendly. Ecover is all about plant based cleaning whilst still providing great cleaning power. They also provide recyclable bottles and make them from previously recycled plastics and a mix of plant plastics! Basically, they are another great company. We’ve used there washing up liquid, toilet cleaner (which I spied in out airbnb in Cornwall and have used since!) and fabric softener, this smells amazing and is really reasonably priced if you buy the big bottle in Sainsbury’s!

Lastly is the EcoEgg, the newest addition to our more eco friendly home, not only does the little egg save you money, reduces single use plastics it works great too. We got ours from Amazon for about £18 but that does 720 washes, and then you buy refills for the egg! It uses pellets to naturally clean the clothes and is less harsh on the skin so great for anyone with sensitive skin. I’ve already converted two work colleagues to this. We’ve not noticed any issues since switching we still use the fabric softener I mentioned above but when this runs out I want to try the EcoEgg one too, as it’s only £10 and does 240 washes! The other eco egg product we’ve moved to is the bamboo towels instead of paper towels! These have been great so far for mopping up spills and cleaning and wash well in the machine.

I said above we want to remove baby wipes from our lives too, I’m looking into the different options such as reusable wipes that you soak in essential oils. my other half uses them to clean his hands before dealing with his contacts and they are handy to have so we want to find better alternatives.

Do you look for more eco friendly and cruelty free home products?

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    This is such a helpful post! Thank you 💖 I am trying to change all of my household products but I can be hard finding them. Xxwww.tartanbones.com

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