Travel: Best of Kuala Lumpur – Food, Accomodation and What To Do

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Last week I shared my how I planned my Kuala Lumpur and Bali Trip (you can read that here) so my plan over the next few weeks is to share the specifics of what we did and where we stayed.

Where we stayed


Faces Suites

I booked this hotel/apartment with our flights onExpediaa as it worked out a good deal. It was really reasonably priced, we stayed here for two nights. We arrived early in the morning but after a bite to eat we were able to check in a bit early. This was a relief as we had been travelling for around 24 hours. As we were determined to make the most of our time and not get dragged down by jetlag we headed straight out and left the exploring till the afternoon.

The suite was amazing and perfect for short or longer stays, it included a kitchen with everything you’d need to cook, living area, office, bedroom and bed. Everything was clean, tidy and well furnished.

The best bit of it all was the pool!! WOW check out the views from the rooftop infinity pool, it was just amazing. We enjoyed a few dips in here.

The only downside was the lack of a bar in the evenings, as it was part hotel/part apartment block there wasn’t a bar, we found a few local hotels and went there instead but it’s a shame it didn’t have one for ease! It was in a great location though, and easy to get around, it was near to a metro station if you needed it but we mostly walked around.

Where we ate

Although our apartment had cooking facilities we decided to make the most of our time and eat out. We did breakfast in the hotel one morning for ease and it was good but nothing amazing. We like to eat authentically so mostly we just wondered around until we found places that looked like where the locals eat, food was so reasonably priced we spent about £20 for a meal for two with alcoholic drinks and this would include about 4 dishes of food and two large bottles of tiger, we loved wondering around china town and market areas until we found places we liked the look of, they weren’t glamorous but the food was amazing and definitely made up for it, they usually had English menus or photos so ordering wasn’t a problem.

Where to eat in Kuala Lumpur


Kuala lumpur where to eat

One place we really enjoyed the food in was Opium, we happened to wonder upon this restaurant and we loved it so much we ended up going back to it again after. During the week for lunch they do an amazing all you can eat dim sum deal which also came with refillable drinks, the iced tea is amazing, and all for the bargain price of around £5. This is available Mon-Fri at lunch times. We ended up also trying the main menu on Sat lunch time for our final meal in Kuala Lumpur and the orange chicken is something else, it was so good (obviously all our travel posts on Bali were pre me turning vegetarian so expect all of the meat recommendations!)

Where to eat in Kuala Lumpur,Opium

The last place we ate was a total splurge and one I would recommend to everyone. We decided to splurge and book into the rotating restaurant at the top of the KL tower for one of our evening meals. This was something we decided was totally worth and was a great way to see Kuala Lumpur by night. The restaurant has a buffet style food with everything you can imagine food wise and all of it was delicious, I would really suggest booking and paying the extra for the window seats as it does make a difference.

KL Tower Restaurant

KL Tower Restaurant review

KL Tower restaurant review

What we did

I booked us on one tour in Kuala Lumpur, as our time we limited I didn’t want to spend all of our time on trips and not get to just explore ourselves.

Fireflies and Dinner Tour

This was the one tour I booked, seeing fireflies sounded just magical and it was about £35 each and included dinner. We got taken to a fish restaurant on the river and had an amazing dinner as the sunset, we also got to see monkeys. The fireflies were amazing and it looked like fairy lights in trees! This is one I’d definitely recommend (take light layers though as mosquitos are an issue so it’s best to cover up!)

Glittery fireflies tour and dinner, Kuala lumpur travel adventures


Glittery fireflies tour and dinner, Kuala lumpur travel adventures

Glittery fireflies tour and dinner, Kuala lumpur travel adventures

KL Hop On Hop Off Bus

To get our bearings on the second day and see all the main areas we decided to do the tourist bus, it’s not something I usally do but as we were short on time it was great to see all the main sites and reasonably priced. If you’re short on time I can’t recommend this enough as it meant in one day we got to see all the major sites.

KL Hop on Hop Off Bus Review, Kuala Lumpur what to do

KL Hop on Hop Off Bus Review, Kuala Lumpur what to do

KL Hop on Hop Off Bus Review, Kuala Lumpur what to do

Explore the local area

We also did a lot of walking, exploring the city by night is beautiful, we loved seeing it all lit up and heading to hotels for cocktails in the evening.

Sheraton cocktails


Petronas Towers

These are the tallest twin towers in the world and impressive sight, to go to the top you need to prebook and we didn’t so didn’t get to go up to the top unfortuantely!

Petronas Towers

Otherwise we went to the aquarium and it was just ok to be honest. It was a bit expensive and quite short but my other half loved it as he’s an aquarium fan! It did have an awsome convenyor belt to take you through some parts!

Would Kuala Lumpur be somewhere you’d visit?

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    Wow, what a city! Hoping to do another Asia tour next year – thinking Japan, Vietnam and Seoul. Kuala Lumpur looks awesome

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