Paul Mitchell Modern Marble Collection Review

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Paul Mitchell have absolutely smashed it out again this year, last year they had the amazing Rose Gold collection which we reviewed here, L and I both still use this on a weekly basis and have ditched our other curlers!

This year they’ve bought out the Modern Marble collection and it’s absolutely beautiful.

The collection includes the express Ion unlipped 3 in 1 wand set which we absolutely love and a year in their still as great. The Salon Success team were kind enough to send us the Express Ion Smooth straighteners to try this year and we couldn’t wait to get stuck in.

Paul Mitchell Modern Marble Collection

I’ve only ever had GHDs so really wanted to try out others to see how they compare and as someone with dyed hair I couldn’t wait to try out the different heat settings. Due to the bright colours in my hair I’d been advised not to go above 180°C as it can dull the hair colour and as my GHDs don’t have temperature control these were already a great bonus.

Paul Mitchell Modern Marble Collection

The packaging and pattern on these are absolutely gorgeous and look so sleek, they run through the hair easily and leave it so soft. The buttons are on the inside so there isn’t a chance to accidentally turn them off and there is a display plate on the front to show the temperature the straighteners are at. 

Paul Mitchell Marble Straightener Review

Paul Mitchell Marble Straightener Review

So the important question is, how do they work?? I have naturally curly hair but I can blow dry it reasonably straight it’s just frizzy, my hair never seems to stay straight these days longer than half a day!

Paul Mitchell Marble Straightener Review

Paul Mitchell Marble Straightener Review

These just glide through my hair and leave it feeling so soft, the lower temperature difference doesn’t affect how my hair straightens and leaves it feeling soft instead of slighty crunchy on the ends as it usually does when I straighten it. They also have an automatic shut off after an hour which is great for me as I always get to work and panic I’ve forgotten to turn them off.


I’d gotton out of the habit of straightening my hair as my GHDs wouldn’t really keep it straight, my hair stayed like this for 3 days which for my hair is so impressive!! I’m totally converted and have already recommend them to one of my friends who wants new straighteners.

This set retaills for £99.95 and comes with the sculpting brush too, I have 3 of these brushes and they are the perfect size for my hair and great to travel with! You can find your local stockist here.

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