LQ Liquid Health Digestive Care

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If you’re a follower of our Instagram (@thecsigirls) then you will have seen one of our recent posts was about the LQ Liquid Health Digestive Care supplements. LQ Liquid Health are a brand we have tried before (the Skin, Hair and Nails formula is much loved by the likes of Michelle Keegan so who were we to argue??)

For the last ten years or so I have suffered with IBS. It’s mostly triggered by stress and certain foods so I can manage my diet but not always my stress levels and this can results in stomach cramps and bloating. It’s definitely not as bad as it could be because I manage it and try to look after myself with a healthy diet, but at uni I did not do this at all!

When we received an email about trying out the latest supplement from LQ I couldn’t resist and have been trying them over the last few weeks.

LQ Liquid Health Digestive Care

So what are the benefits??

According to their website liquid supplements have faster absorption rates meaning your body can digest them faster giving you better results. Because of this higher bioavailability you get a bigger dose of good ingredients than you would from a tablet for example, but also the liquid supplements contain more active ingredients than 10-12 pills so you’re getting a much higher dosage to help.

LQ use the highest quality ingredients exceeding the Euorpean standards for health and safety throughout the formulation process and can trace every ingredient to its source, so this can give you some comfort and trust in the brand.

The liquid supplements contain 9 active ingredients to help.

LQ Liquid Health Digestive Care

LQ Liquid Health Digestive Care

They contain marine collagen, ginger, aloe vera, bladderwrack, artichoke, bilberry, hyaluronic acid, peppermint, anise and vitamin C as well as fructo-oligosaccharides.

All of these combined help to support your immune system, provide fibre and help to maintain a healthy digestive system and also your skin.

LQ Liquid Health Digestive Care

The taste of these is a little like cough medicine, it is also overwhelmingly sweet which I didn’t expect it to be (especially as it has added sweetener so i thought it might be bitter!). They’re so sweet they make my teeth tingle! I tend to have one at breakfast and have a sip of water afterwards just to make sure I’m getting all of the goodness in me and not on my teeth.

I’ve noticed my digestion has improved since having these, I was a bit nervous about them with the sweetness as I know lots of sugar can trigger it sometimes but even on a day that I was feeling some bloating and cramping I tried one and it seemed to help it settle. I did still have some bloating and cramps on various days but this was down to my diet choices that day (a girl can’t say no to eating pizza with friends!)

LQ Liquid Health Digestive Care

These are on the pricey side at £29.99 for 10 x 50ml bottles but if you’re anything like me you believe your health is worth paying out for and worth investing in.

Gut health is extremely complex and what has helped me may not help you, however I did have some improvement using these liquid supplements. I think if you are looking for something to help and have not been able to control yours by diet and stress management then these are worth trying, especially if you don’t want to be taking prescribed medication.

What do you do to help your gut health? Do you have IBS? What are your triggers and helpful tips?

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